I’ve seen a lot about macro photography lately throughout WordPress blogs as well as in a local Facebook photography group that I am a part of. Because of this it has got me to thinking and I decided to go through my shots from the past year and pull out a few of my favorites and touch them up a bit as my skills in the digital dark room are a little better than when I had originally processed them.

Macro photography is a wonderful form of photography that allows us to see the small things in greater detail. I’ve always been intrigued by seeing photos of insects in different ways. But macro photography isn’t just about taking photos of small forms of life up close.


A leaf with some dew on it for instance can create a stunning macro shot. One thing that I really enjoy about macro photography is that you don’t have to travel far to get a lot of different unique shots. Unlike landscape photography where you may need to do a bit of hiking, or driving, to get a different shot, depending on how wide you go, with macro photography you only need to travel mere inches to get a different shot. Or just simply change the angle in some cases.


To understand how to do macro photography, you need to understand what kind of shot you are trying to get as well. It is a little different than other types of photography as you are working with a much shallower DOF. Also, depending on the type of shot you want to get, you need to pay attention to your shutter speed. When shooting handheld, you may need to have a faster shutter speed to counter any camera shake as well as any movement from the subject. When using a tripod you can have a slower shutter speed, but you still need to take into consideration any movement of the subject.

A good tip for shooting macro would be to always shoot in manual mode as you’ll want to have full control of the shutter speed and aperture. Once you have those set to get the shot you want, then adjust the ISO to adjust for the exposure.

And for those of you who aren’t sure if a macro lens is worth the price, stay tuned as I will be posting about how versatile a macro lens actually is. While great for macro photography, they are also very useful for other types of photos as well.

Happy shooting!




Macro Photography

16 thoughts on “Macro Photography

    • Thanks Josephine. I wish I did a little more with macro photography but tend to look more at the big things rather than the little things. I always try to take notice of the little things when I can though. I also try to do wide angle macro photography which I think I’ll also do a post on that as well at some point.


    • Thanks Robyn. I plan on doing two more posts on macro photography. One that I mentioned in this one with how versatile a macro lens is and one about wide angle macro photography which uses a ultra wide angle lens. Just need to find the time to do so now. I’ve also got a good example shot of a before and after production of just a normal shot that shows how important it can be to know how to process your images. I like doing little posts like this that go beyond just showing a photo, but just hard to find the time to put them together sometimes. Glad you enjoyed it. šŸ™‚


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