Morning on the Frozen Lake

Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 10mm
Aperture: f/3.5
Shutter Speed: 1/3200
ISO: 100
Format: DX (crop sensor)

Woke up at 3:30 am to get to this location and was sort of disappointed as there were too many clouds for a sunrise photo. Eventually the clouds cleared up but as I was walking around I noticed this wonderful view. Even though I shot at 10mm, I ended up needing to do a 3-4 photo pano shot in order to get the entire scene. If you look at the high res version you will be able to see snow in some areas. The wind made the wind chill below zero out on the lake as well which make for a very cold morning. Was well worth it though. I’ll have more photos to post from this photo walk which I hope won’t disappoint.


Morning on the Frozen Lake

14 thoughts on “Morning on the Frozen Lake

    • Thanks John! This is Lake Michigan right off of Newport State Park in northern Door County WI. It’s a great state park and I go there as often as I can. I want to make it there again once I get the finances under control to do some more photography of the place. It’s a nice sized state park as well and I really want to explore more of it than I have. I think the shots I got this past winter are unique though due to the amount of sub zero temps we got this year. Even though I don’t care for those temps long term, I hope we will see more of that again as it does give me some good opportunities to get some great shots if I’m able to make it out.


    • Thanks Laura. I sometimes can’t believe the work I put into these photos to get the final results. Boost up the exposure. Take down the brights. Brighten it up in this area. Boost up the clarity. Give it some contrast. Fix this area. Fix that area. 2 hours later stop for a break. Come back decide I don’t like a few things I had done then do some more. Undo something that took me 30 minutes to do then spend another hour to go a different direction. At least the good thing is that this process is only done on a select few photos where the majority are almost from camera with just a few miner tweaks.


      • I do exactly the same things on some of my images. The recent one I posted I spent some time on. Most I spend some time on lol. But that’s the fun of creating art! If I didn’t photoshop and just took the photo that wouldn’t be nearly as fun for me. 😀


  1. What a gorgeous image, Justin. And sure enough, I just followed you! LOL I think you did a wonderful job piecing this image together. I wasn’t disappointed at all. (((HUGS))) Amy


    • Thanks Cybele! What started off as a cloudy morning ended up being a sunny day. As the clouds began to beak and the sun started to shine through with the snowflakes still dropping I knew I wanted to capture this moment. It was impossible to capture it in its entirety though as I remember what it felt like to stand there looking over the lake as the sun came out and wind blowing around me. Such a grand view. But at least I was able to capture a glimpse so I can remember this time forever.


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