Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 28mm
Aperture: f/1.8
Shutter Speed: 1/3200
ISO: 100
Format: FX (Full Frame)

As I was walking down a trail I came across this tree which stood out from the rest. I walked around it wondering how to best capture the detail of the bark but at an interesting view point. What inspired me to take the shot the way I did was from the work of Meho Jarvis who I think takes wonderful photos. I always like his use of shallow DOF and composition in many of his photos. Thanks Meho for giving me an idea on how to capture this photo!



6 thoughts on “Textured

  1. Gorgeous. This is a great shot, you are so right about tree bark being a challenging subject. I think the bark of trees are so interesting but find it very tough to take a photograph of it, giving the sense of what I see and yet also the perspective of the tall tree.


    • Thanks Carrie! I find it tough to take a nice photo of a lot of different subjects that make it stand out. Even if you have a nice sharp photo that is composed nice, if the same photo is all over the place and people see it a lot, it may not have a lasting impression as it would be a very common photo. My main focus when I go out shooting is to try to find out how to shoot something that looks interesting to me that can leave a lasting impressing on both me and to my viewers. It’s sometimes very difficult to do.


      • Yes, challenging indeed. Do you follow FATman photos? He really has a unique perspective on his images. I find I learn a lot from his shots. It is so good of you to care about the lasting impression of your images. I am sure this is why I am such a fan, I see the thought involved in your images. You should pat yourself on the back for the effort! Really, thanks for sharing.


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