Looking On

Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 105mm
Aperture: f/16
Shutter Speed: 1.3 seconds
ISO: 100
Format: FX (Full Frame)

I was trying to get a shot of a mushroom with hundreds of these guys swarming around me. When I was trying to focus I noticed one sitting near by in the lens so I recomposed my shot and got a shot of him before he decided to take off. I really like how this turned out with the sharpness and the colors. I’m happy he stayed still for me long enough to get my camera in the right position and get my settings right for the proper exposure.



Looking On

21 thoughts on “Looking On

    • Thanks Robyn! I am so happy I’m getting better out in the field in setting my controls on my camera to get the shots I want. This took very little thinking and I didn’t hesitate at all. While battling against hundreds of mosquitoes as they were constantly on my hands and face and around my camera, I was able to manually set my camera’s aperture, shutter speed, and focus to capture this guy. The practice has paid off. I’ve been through a few shots that I didn’t get because I did hesitate and wasn’t sure what to do while under pressure. I’m glad that didn’t happen this time.


  1. And oh, yes, the buggers have been nasty this year. Just awful. I cannot believe the bites I have on me. My left hand blew up like a balloon the other night. Whatever bit me was nasty. I now have some natural spray I will be using. xx Amy


    • Thanks Sarah! I like how this is more than just a shot of a mosquito. It creates more of a scene. The colors of the surroundings plus the little beetle. To me it’s like the mosquito is sitting there contemplating on what to do next while life around it continues to move forward. If this was just a shot of a mosquito, I’d probably forget about it within a few days as I’ve seen a lot of closeup shots of insects. But with the scene around it, I wouldn’t mind hanging this on the wall. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • If it was just a shot of a mosquito I wouldn’t look at it, I’m terrified of the little bloodsuckers! This is a really great wildlife study though ๐Ÿ™‚ Showing the habitat and giving a sense of scale is really important in any wildlife work unless it’s a cropped close up. It’s a great image!


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