Took these about an hour ago and didn’t really want to wait to put them up as I have been seeing a lot of other floral photography. As I’m learning how to better use my macro lens I am enjoying it much more now. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do. I decided to not put them in a gallery so I can link them to the full res versions on my Flickr account as I think they are better viewed that way.

















Floral Macro Photography

10 thoughts on “Floral Macro Photography

  1. Cool! Where did you find these flowers? I love getting up and personal with interesting flowers like these. I am partial to those tiny yellow buds surfacing from the green leaves, so much going on there! Lovely.


    • Not sure what camera you are using, but a bit of advice if you have one that has live view is to use that to be able to zoom in on the subject to fine tune the focus. I also wouldn’t rely on auto-focus for macro shooting as it tends to not be as accurate as you’d like, at least not in my experience. Manual focusing tends to get me better results. For handheld shots I’d go the same way of using manual focus and just moving the camera back and forth for the focusing. If you shoot on continuous mode while doing this, you may have more photos to go through, but you’ll have a far greater chance of getting a good shot. Tripods help with not needing faster shutter speeds and a tripod with a still subject means you don’t have to worry about shutter speed at all, plus more accurate focusing and less shots to get the good one. Most of these photos were done in 1-3 shots where I only adjusted for exposure. Only a couple of them I adjusted the aperture. I did a post on macro photography a couple weeks back which may help with some ideas as well if you haven’t seen it.

      Although I don’t consider myself an expert, let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer them the best I can. I even tend to also go out of my way to do additional research to find answers as well so even if you don’t think I’ll know, it’s not a bad idea to just go ahead and ask. Good luck!


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