Frozen Tree 1

Frozen Tree 2

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This tree seems to have wanted to don an ice cloak. Not sure if it really helped it stay warm or not. This was a most interesting find as I was hiking along the icy shore of the lake. I have never seen ice freeze on a tree like this before. It’s amazing how it was able to freeze like this. Nature does provide us with some unique situations. In the first photo you can even see the sliver of sunshine that has been in photos posted in the past. Yes it was a busy morning with a lot to take in. I was like an ant scurrying around trying to capture as much as I could with the limited amount of time that I had.


Frozen Tree

21 thoughts on “Frozen Tree

    • Thanks Robyn! The ice isn’t normally that thick here but it was an unusually cold winter. I’ve heard that they will continue to be cold but we’ll see. I don’t mind so much. I just need to be more prepared when I go out shooting is all. I always love photographing what Mother nature provides us more than other things. πŸ™‚


      • I think I completely agree with you there Justin.
        Finding and capturing (if possible) Mother nature’s offerings is awesome!!
        That really was a cold winter. Glad you could make the most of it πŸ™‚


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