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Looks like you all get a treat with 3 posts today. This photo was an experiment I had done after learning how to use the interval timer on my camera for creating star trails. I think I got it down on how to do the process, but just need to find an interesting foreground now to do star trails. This one consisted of about 500-600 photos I believe. It is time consuming as you just set your camera and forget it. Let it go for as long as you want or until the battery dies.


Star trails

8 thoughts on “Star trails

    • It is very time consuming with both waiting for the camera to take the photos and to stack them all together. The wider the lens you use the more photos you need to create the trails. It is also difficult to figure out a nice composition as when you start you don’t want to change your mind. It’s also difficult trying to find the time that lines up with your schedule, clear skies, no moon, and being able to get to a location worth doing it in. Very worth it though as I’ve seen some great photos. If you do end up trying this I hope you are successful. I did spend a few hours just running through a lot of tests and understanding how to use my camera to do this. I also made sure I made it to my destination in advance so I could run through some test shots before starting and making sure I knew I had all my settings correct. It would be beneficial to Google how to do star trails to get a good understanding of it as well. Always remember to have a fresh battery when doing this as well.


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