Wanting to shoot something but really having anything stick out to me as I was walking around the in-law’s yard, I walked by this old jon boat a few times and thought perhaps I could make something with this. With just my 105mm macro lens I first started to shoot some specialty shots taking advantage of the shallow DOF. Before too many shots it was time to eat so I wasn’t able to capture everything I wanted. After eating I came back out and the sun was at the right point to get the final few shots to finish up the group. Not something I normally do but thought it would be nice to put something like this together. I ended up doing the same thing for an old tractor that I’ll be posting in the next couple weeks or so.


The Jon Boat

8 thoughts on “The Jon Boat

  1. Great pictures – the emphasis on those finer details is really remarkable!

    The pictures, although of such simple, regular tings, really appear remarkable. Great focus – thanks for sharing!



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