Open - B&W

Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 105mm
Aperture: f/8
Shutter Speed: 1/400
ISO: 500
Format: FX (Full Frame)

I decided after processing this photo to take a look at what it would look like in a B&W conversion. With a few adjustments I think it turned out quite well. I was wondering what I was going to do for this weeks Monochrome Madness Challenge that is hosted on  Leanne Cole’s site every Wednesday, but when I did this I knew it was the photo that I would submit. Check it out for some great photos by many different photographers!


Monochrome Madness – Open

9 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness – Open

  1. I looked at the colour version as well. Both are exquisitely beautiful. I love how the monochrome evokes a coy sadness that was not there with the flush of colourful bloom. Beautiful and emotive. Well done indeed. Cheers,

    Autumn Jade


    • Thanks Adhika! It was a bit of a windy morning when I took this. Camera on the tripod so I only had to battle the movement of the flower I spent many minutes waiting until calm periods between gusts hoping for the best. I don’t think I could have gotten this handheld as you can see that I had to have the ISO at 500 in order to have the shutter speed at 1/400. Handheld would have pushed me to up the shutter speed as I would have had to battle my movement as well.


      • That’s the thing with macro, you need patience. When the weather is cooperating, the insect is gone. I think I need to go fishing more often and train my patience. With regards to high ISO, I am not too bothered about it. I just try not to look at 100%. Haha. I think your camera should have a better sensor. My old D90’s low light capability is, at times, questionable.


        • Yes, patience is key. I only have patience for some things though. I’m happy photography is one of them. As far as ISO goes, I am surprised at how well the D610 handles higher ISO levels. I started out with the D7000 and was impressed by that one but the D610 being full frame does much better. I do however like to view my crops at 100% and am disappointed when things are perfectly sharp or in perfect focus but do allow some sort of margin for error. I have to or I would throw out most of my photos which would then leave me disappointed enough to leave the camera in the closet for good. But on the other hand it also pushes me to work harder at getting to the standards I want.

          With macro work though, I rarely go out looking for insects. But if I do find them, then that is great. For instance this photo ( of a mosquito was taken when I was out photographing mushrooms. I just happened to see one through the macro lens when I was setting up my composition so decided to go for the shot.

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