I was excited when I logged into my email last night to see an email from stating that I had sold a print. I don’t think this will trend into more sales but it does give me a bit of motivation to start putting some more photos on my site as theoretically, the more items you have to sell, the more chances something will sell. And the only thing I have to invest is just some time to re-size the photos and upload them.


Sold My First Print!

12 thoughts on “Sold My First Print!

    • Thanks! I priced it up and it was a $250 sale. I only made $35 off of it but I don’t have to create the print and frame and send it off as all of that is handled. Plus if I would have to do all that I doubt I’d come out much better for the profits. I wouldn’t mind having that one hanging on my wall. πŸ™‚


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