Photo by Leanne Cole

Leanne Cole does a unique post for writers that allow them to have a photo to create a story about. I usually don’t do much of any writing but after looking at this photo I thought of a story to tell. Photography and stories go hand in hand so I thought what the heck. I’ll tell a story about this photo. Hope you enjoy.


It was going to be a long morning. Drew paced along the living room floor pondering on the call he had gotten moments before. A quick look at the clock told him it was too early to be out of bed. It was only 4 a.m. and he had just fallen asleep a few hours ago. How could this have happened he thought as he was thinking about what Joe had told him.

He kept retracing his steps from two nights ago thinking of anything that could have led to this. Drew couldn’t think of anything that they could have found. His plans were always flawless. What went wrong this time? Perhaps one of his men had botched the whole thing. Who could it be though? He has trusted them for many years.

The phone rang again taking Drew out of his deep thoughts. He looked at the caller id. Darren’s name was flashing on the display. Had Joe already talked to him or has he figured this out himself he thought. Drew hesitated before answering the call wondering what news he was going to hear.

“Darren,” Drew said as he answered the phone.

“Drew, has Joe called you yet?” Darren asked.

Drew thought carefully before answering this question. If one of his men were against him then he’d have to think. “Yes,” Drew answered. He didn’t know if Joe had already talked to Darren or what Darren already knew.

“And?” Darren asked.

“Has Mike been told yet?” Drew asked. He doesn’t know what Joe had already told him and wasn’t taking any chances. If he let any of the details slip then Darren could use that against him. He trusted Darren, but Darren always knew he trusted Joe more. Joe had proven himself but Darren could be a little sly at times.

“Joe said he tried to get a hold of him but there’s no answer. Almost like he skipped town or something” Darren said.

That made Drew worry. Mike had been reliable. He always answered when called and always delivered. If he trusted anyone almost as much as Joe, it would be Mike. “Let me think about this for a bit and I’ll call you back” Drew said before hanging up.

If Mike skipped town, then could he truly be trusted? He thought about the conversation he had with Joe. It was still a little fuzzy. He hadn’t completely woken up and Joe seemed a bit stressed. He looked at his phone thinking if he should give Joe a call back. If he waits too long and what Joe is saying is true, then they will surely be knocking on the door in a few hours. He didn’t want to deal with them right now.

To try and clear his mind Drew decided to make something to eat. He started some coffee to wake up and warmed up a crumpet. He decided that he was going to give Joe a visit and talk about their situation rather than call him. As he started to enjoy his small breakfast he heard something hit the door. He froze for a moment then looked at the clock. Two hours had passed already. That would be the paper.

He got up and opened the door to get it. The sun was starting to come up. He grabbed the paper then went back to sit down. As he was about to lay down the paper and finish his small meal, a headline caught his eye. “Body Found in Deserted House”. He put on his glasses so he could read the article. Eating another bite of his crumpet he started reading. After reading the first few lines Drew got up putting the paper down and knew exactly where Mike was. He quickly left to go find Joe.


Quiet Thursday – Story Prompt

12 thoughts on “Quiet Thursday – Story Prompt

    • Thanks again Leanne! Funny thing is I kept trying to think of a back story as to what happened but couldn’t think of anything. I think the suspense is good and you think as you keep reading you might find out more. This is the type of things I try to find in books. Something that peaks your interest enough to make you want to keep reading because you just need to know what’s going on. 🙂


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    • Thanks Shannon! It could be so many different things. In addition to photography, and even before I was into photography, I also do a lot of reading. If anything, one thing I picked up from the many books I’ve read are that the books that keep you wondering what is going to happen or that make you want to know how something happened are the ones that are the best. For this I wanted to write it in a way that would make it difficult to really interpret what had happened and what the character was going through. It also made it easier to not need to think about a back story or put more information into it. But, just like with any photograph, it takes time and planning to create a story.


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