Introductions – J.T. Avery Photography.

Leanne Cole was nice enough to feature me on her blog and give me an introduction. Go over to her site and check it out! Hope you enjoy the post and a few new photos. I’ll be posting the photos on here with the same information I add for all my photos in the coming weeks for those that are interested.


Introductions – J.T. Avery Photography

15 thoughts on “Introductions – J.T. Avery Photography

    • Thanks Mike! Not only do I show my photos but when I have time I also post about different ideas and how different settings on your camera can get you different perspective on your shots. I really enjoy how photography can transform how one sees an area by being able to capture it in a different way than our eyes see it that can make it so much more interesting. I always love a challenge and when I go out shooting, I’m always challenging myself to get better shots than the last time I went out. It’s been getting harder and hard every time but I always surprise myself with what I’m able to do.


  1. Hi Justin, I also found you through Leanne’s blog. You have some really stunning shots, looking forward to seeing more from you.


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