Ice as Far as the Eye Can See

Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 10mm
Aperture: f/3.5
Shutter Speed: 1/50
ISO: 100
Format: DX (Crop Sensor)

What is the first thought that comes to mind when looking at this photo? A vast expanse with no end in site? A frozen tundra that would seem impossible to survive? A never ending journey over the frozen arctic? If you were to turn around from this view you would see a tree lined rocky shore with civilization not far away. But for many animals in the arctic, they are are able survive in conditions like this. It’s amazing how they are able to do so.

I’d like to live in a place with more wide open forests and waterfalls, but I have learned to like the opportunities that I have been presented during the winter to capture what I never got to see growing up. It’s very cold but I have grown accustomed to that and have found that I enjoy the cold weather far more than the hot weather. I’ve been at both ends and will always say that single digits are much better than the temps above 100 °F. At least when it’s cold I can just put on a few more layers and walk around for heat. When it’s hot I just don’t feel like doing anything.



Ice as Far as the Eye Can See

11 thoughts on “Ice as Far as the Eye Can See

  1. First thought…I can feel the cold dense air chilling my face, my eyelashes starting to crystallize as well as my nose hairs. And the whistling air slicing through the silence. Vast expanses like this one are a marvel. You captured this view beautifully.
    I agree with you on cold vs.warm temperatures. Layers are the best.


        • That’s a tough one since I haven’t been really anywhere yet as far as traveling goes. Just to a few states but nothing in the sense of being a tourist. As far as the first place I’ll probably travel to? Either Scotland or Ireland. My wife would lean more towards Ireland but I think I would lean more towards Scotland. I also want to visit Wales and England. I know one trip won’t cover it all. What draws me to there so much is the landscape and the castles.

          We actually talked about moving to Ireland at one point and I went through a checklist of everything that would need to be done along with doing research on how to become a citizen and everything. I almost had her convinced to want to go but she doesn’t want to wait and live in an apartment until we can become a citizen and purchase a house. That and she’d miss her family too much. It is feasible though as I’m in a career that I could make it over there.


          • According to Irish law, you have to be a citizen before you can buy a house and in order to become a citizen, you need to work there for so many years, I believe it is 4 or 5, before you can apply for citizenship. I don’t have any problems with the waiting but my wife said she wouldn’t want to wait it out. I don’t think she’d get accustomed to being so far from her family though as she usually goes 2-3 weeks at the longest without seeing them. I see my family every 3-5 years so it’s not such a big deal for me. It would be nice though.


          • That’s nuts! Lots of properties in the UK are owned by people from overseas who are here part of the year working. Particularly in London! I wonder what the laws are for Northern Ireland? The family thing can be awkward! Simon and I would like to move to Kos but his daughter is dead set against us going. It would be hard as her two boys are only very young and we would miss seeing them. Maybe in 5 years or so when they’re easier to travel with!!


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