Shining Down - Monochrome

Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 23mm
Aperture: f/18
Shutter Speed: 2.5 seconds
ISO: 100
Format: FX (Full Frame)

You’re walking through the woods and you look over and see the sun peaking through the trees and nice rays of light coming down. How could you not want to take a photo of that? At this point the sun was moving fast so there wasn’t a lot of time to think about where to get set up. It did take me a few tries to get the composition and DoF I wanted though.

This is also my submission to Leanne Cole’s and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness Challenge that is hosted weekly on Leanne Cole’s blog. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should head over there every Wednesday to see the photos that everyone submits.


Shining Down – Monochrome Madness

14 thoughts on “Shining Down – Monochrome Madness

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    • Thanks David! On this walk I was actually focused on photographing a lot of mushrooms with my macro lens and then the clouds cleared and the shined through so I switched over to my wide angle lens to capture this before the sun moved or more clouds came in to cover it up. Sometimes we just get lucky with being at the right place at the right time with the right gear. I’m just happy I was able to find a nice composition to make this work. I did take a few shots prior to this one not really getting the results I wanted.


    • Thanks Shannon! I was really happy with this photo. It’s nice when you can capture a scene that makes it look nicer than it actually was. I enjoyed this view as much as I could but it was hard to enjoy as it was a bit hot and muggy with a lot of mosquitoes and other insects. I think the photo was worth it though along with all the others I captured that day. I learned a lot about how my progression in photography has improved over the past year and a half.


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