Shining Down - Monochrome

I’m sure many of you recognize the above image as my submission to the Monochrome Madness challenge last week. Now that I have Google’s Nik collection I decided to rework this photo to try and get the results I was initially aiming for when processing the file in LR.

This is the photo I ended up coming up with when processing it with Silver Efex Pro 2.

Shining Down - Rework

Very subtle differences but I think it makes it look much better. I really like how much more I can do with that software for my monochrome photos without needing to learn how to achieve the same results in LR.

Here is the color version I achieved with Color Efex Pro 4. I was also inspired by Cybele’s work for the color version with the somewhat softer look to it than I normally do with photos but I think it works very well with this photo.

Shining Down - Color

And as always, you can click on the photos to view the high definition versions.


Shining Down – Color and Monochrome Rework

16 thoughts on “Shining Down – Color and Monochrome Rework

  1. Love this photo. I really like both, but in the black and white the rays of light seem to reach further and really draw you eye to that than the colour one. Just a gorgeous shot! :0


  2. I love the Nik b & w the best. I got a free version of Perfect Photo and my tendency was to go crazy with the processing but I have since backed off a bit and I just love using it in addition to Lightroom. They are now offering a discounted purchase price and I’m tempted but really like Nik. Besides choices in hardware (camera, lens, filter, etc.) there are now to many choices in software.


    • Thanks Emilio! Perfect Photo looks like a nice set of software tools. I agree with the amount of choices in software. It is so hard to choose but I’d had my eye on Nik for quite some time and decided to just go for it. I’m glad I did and really like it so far. Right now, every time I open it, it’s almost overwhelming because I’m not really sure what I want, so it’s more of just clicking on a lot of different things until I see something I like. Then once that happens I have to make a decision to either just keep it, or keep clicking around and not remember the one I liked if I don’t find anything else that works. It really does add time to processing each photo, but I think it’s well worth it.


      • What you say about Nik is the same for me with Perfect Photo. I just start clicking until I find something I like. Then I click to compare- do I like this better than that? I feel bad for ignoring my wife but she says she likes seeing me so involved in my hobby. And this way she knows exactly where I am at night!


        • I wish I had the same problem as you. I try to balance everything. Between 10+ hour days at work, 2 kids, and doing other things around the house, it’s really hard to determine how to split my time up. I try to at least spend an hour with my kids each day, then devote at least half my time on the weekends with them. My wife and I get about an hour of free time after the kids are in bed before we get ready. I usually get about half an hour each evening to prepare the next days post. I’m always trying to squeeze in time when I can to work on photos, but never having as much time as I want. My wife does like my photos but at times complains I spend too much time working on them.


          • I work, too but no kids. I think it’s important to spend as much time with them and your wife as possible. Maybe some kind of schedule? One night a week? I don’t know. My busiest time on Lightroom is usually a Monday night after we’ve been out shooting over the weekend. Right now I’m at work but it is so quiet here I have the time to catch up with you and others.


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