Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 16mm
Aperture: f/22
Shutter Speed: 1/20
ISO: 100

This shot was taken right on the other side of a hill that leads down to the beach. I was originally going to shoot a sunrise on the beach and do some experimenting, but when I looked behind me I seen the tree and bench and immediately changed my mind. I already knew what shot I wanted the instant I seen these items. I had my 105mm macro lens no the camera but wasn’t able to get back far enough to fit both in the frame and had to quickly switch over to the wide angle lens. I had less than a minute to get set up before the sun started to come up. After I got the lens on I quickly made my composition then had to adjust a little. Instead of using the zoom I ended up just moving with my feet. I got about 3 test shots fired off to get the exposure correct before the sun started to peak above the horizon.

Without my previous experiences of practicing with all of this, I would have not made this shot. Sunrises and sunsets happen so fast that you need to know how to react in order to capture that moment when you have the chance. The exposure on this was tricky because I couldn’t rely on the camera’s light meter to expose off the sky or the foreground because before the sun came up, the camera wasn’t agreeing with any of my exposure choices. The first shot I exposed off the sky but it was way under exposed for my liking. A few more shots got me where I wanted just in time.

I was also originally going to recon this area before attempting any sunrise photos, but due to some scheduling conflicts, I decided to just wing it and go out this last Saturday morning. I had planned to visit this area Saturday afternoon then come back out in another week or two to get a sunrise photo, but some other things came up so decided last minute to just get up early the next morning and see what I could get. I’m happy with how they worked out and will be hopefully posting a couple more shots from this walk during the week.


I would have to agree with himย on this comment. ๐Ÿ™‚



10 thoughts on “Overlooking

  1. Haha man, sunsets are the bane of my existence. It takes ALL DAY to get anywhere near sunsets, but within minutes, it’s all over. You have such a small window of time to get the photo you want.
    Great shot, amazing composition (as usual)


    • Thanks David! I usually have better luck with sunrises than sunsets. I think it’s mostly because I work best with water and where I live, all the large bodies of water tend to be towards the east so sunsets are the only option. On the downside though, it’s easier to stay up for a sunset than to get up for a sunrise.


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