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I wish I had something to post in remembrance for what happened 13 years ago on this day, but I don’t. But I will say that broken is not what we are from that tragedy. We stand as a strong nation that has been impossible to break. We may find many things around us that are broken, but we are still strong.

It’s unbelievable that it’s already been 13 years since that unfortunate day that has changed the lives of so many. I can’t help but think of my past and the events I went through afterwords. I remember enlisting in the military in the Army Reserves before it happened but didn’t get shipped off to basic until after. Knowing that I would eventually make it overseas and knowing that I could still bow out, I choose to instead continue on with my enlistment. I never made it over to Afghanistan, but I did serve for a year in Iraq and another one in Kuwait, almost back to back, without even a full year break. I also find it hard to believe that even though we invaded Iraq to take down Saddam 2 years after we invaded Afghanistan, we have managed to pull our troops out of Iraq but are still fighting in Afghanistan. How long are we going to be there is a question many would like a solid answer to instead of open ended comments without definitive truths.

For those of you who were affected by this tragedy, I hope that you are not broken and stand strong day after day. Remember what happened, because if we don’t remember, then we will forget and forgetting is almost like saying it never happened.



3 thoughts on “Broken

  1. As an american, you should also remember september 11 1973 don’t you?

    The United States Governement, with the hand of George Bush, which was at the head of the CIA, has setted up a coup against a democratically elected governement. This caused ±3000 death and the rise of a dictatorship (Pinochet).

    I am with you Justin, but every year at september 11th, my thoughts are with everybody that suffered from injustified violence.

    Have a good evening Justin.


    • I never knew about that Meho. That is something they never taught in school. I did some research on it though to educate myself and it is an interesting set of events that happened. It just proves again that no government is without corruptness.

      It would be nice if everyone would work together to live better lives, but all these wars are due to a few people who get many to follow them and are willing to do what they want. I could go on about this along with many other things about the US government that I don’t like, but it’s not worth it.


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