I did another post like this awhile back but with an old john boat. This time it’s with an old Farmall tractor. I would have liked to go through the photos and process them with Nik but just don’t have the time for that right now and have been wanting to get these posted for quite awhile. I really enjoy doing these types of photos where I get one shot of the subject in its entirety then showcase some of the smaller parts in more detail.

It’s amazing how old pieces of machinery like this still operate so well. With proper care it could last multiple lifetimes. You always hear the saying “They don’t make ’em like they used to.” I wonder if the same is said about tractors. We’ve become better at making things more efficient and comfortable to use. We’ve also mastered mass production. But one thing that we seem to keep moving backwards on is quality. But always wanting the next best thing, I guess we never need something to last too long.



6 thoughts on “Farmall

  1. The guy where we bought our caravan is owning a farmall 1958 and it’s running like a brand new one. Those machine were built for last. Really nice picture Justin!


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