Waiting for Prey

Click on the image to view a high res version.

This photo was taken from a different angle than the other one. I also had 54 photos that were stacked for this one.

This is also my submission for Monochrome Madness hosted on Leanne Cole’s blog every Wednesday. Check it out for more great monochrome photos from other photographers.


Waiting for Prey – Monochrome Madness

10 thoughts on “Waiting for Prey – Monochrome Madness

    • Thanks Mike!
      I wish I had a focusing rail but I don’t. I might invest in one at some point if I continue to enjoy doing this type of photography. Right now I just slightly move the focus ring little by little. The accuracy probably isn’t the best because I know I move the focus ring a different amount each time, but as long as I have focus that overlaps between each photo then it’ll stack better. What I’m more impressed with is the software. When going through the photos, even though each one has the exact same settings, including the same white balance, the exposure is slightly different for some of them. The software does a great job at making the final output photo have a nice even look to it as though each photo were the exact same exposure. I took a few more photos like this over this last weekend of some different subjects and hope to have some time soon to process them to see the results. I’m hoping for more of the same. If I get consistently good results, then I’ll consider purchasing the software.


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