So Close But So Far

Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 16mm
Aperture: f/4
Shutter Speed: 1/125
ISO: 100

One of the things I find most intriguing about this photo is the fact that it may seem as though the house is a little ways away from the focus point, but in fact it is just a mere few steps away. The power of an ultra-wide angle lens allows us to alter the appearance of depth perception in order to create pieces of photographic art such as this.


So Close But So Far

11 thoughts on “So Close But So Far

    • That is one of the things I love about ultra-wide angle lenses. Not only do they allow for more in your landscape shots, but because of the distortion you get, it allows you to get some specialty shots as well. Although this photo doesn’t look distorted, technically it is due to the amount of depth that is created for it. I should have probably gotten a ‘normal’ shot of this house so I could do a post on how different it looks between this shot and one with no distortion. Perhaps some day I’ll have to remember to do that. Thanks Colline!

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  1. I think I’m gong to have to unfollow you. Every time I read one of your posts it costs me money! Now I need to purchase a wide angle lens. Well, not need so much as want! And don’t worry, I’m learning way too much from you to actually unfollow you. I’ve just insisted that my wife hide the check book!


    • HAHAHA!!! Thanks Emilio! I know how you feel. When I first seen photos like this the first thing I did was find out how to get the same results. When I found out that I needed an ultra-wide angle lens, I went in search for one. Although not cheap at around $1000 (for the nikon brands), or a little less, they are actually on the cheaper side if you consider the pro-glass. There is the sigma option for under $500 for a 10-20mm (DX version) ultra-wide lens. There are some specialized super-ultra-wide angle lenses that would set you back $2k or more though which I wouldn’t consider worth the price for myself. I’d say anything at 20mm or under on the 35mm scale is all you need as anything under 24mm is considered ultra-wide angle. I can’t find a definition on super-ultra-wide angle but I seen the term used before but for me that would be anything under 15mm on a 35mm base. I usually shoot between 16mm and 24mm for all of my ultra-wide angle shots.

      In any case though I’m sure you could find something for a couple hundred in the used market if you really wanted to. Considering my specialties though, I tend to either shoot with with my wide angle lenses or my macro lens. In either case, they aren’t cheap lenses, but there are cheap alternatives out there that are still pretty decent.


      • Thanks, JT, but my problem is I don’t want to settle any more for pretty decent. What I mean is that I want to purchase the best quality I can afford because I can really see the difference in quality between my kit lens images and other, more expensive lens images posted online. I think that it why I tend to over-compensate with sharpness in Perfect Effects 8! Or just over-compensate, period, in Perfect Effects 8. I’ve started saving up! 🙂


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