Tiny Drops

Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 105mm
Aperture: f/11
Shutter Speed: 1/40
ISO: 100

This is one of my experiments with focus stacking. I ended up shooting 74 shots to put this one together. I find that trying to do this in the field is a little more difficult as the light is constantly changing so I’m not sure if it would be worth it to get the software. I do like the results but for most of the shots I do it’d have to be on a very calm day with no wind and the light source would need to remain constant. Perhaps sometime in the future I may come back to this though, but just not right now.

Also speaking of experimenting, I have been wanting to do some long exposure daylight photos as well as try some shallow DoF long exposures. As most of you may know, both of these have their own challenges. Daylight of course has bright light that is difficult to deal with, even when using a 10-stop filter. Shallow DoF on the other hand requires a wide open aperture which allows in a lot of light. In order to work with this, eventually I want to get the Lee Big Stopper (10 stop) and the Lee Small Stopper (6 stop). I would like to have 2 of the 10-stop filters but because of the cost I would settle for a 10 and 6 to stack and see how that goes. If a 10 and 6 is not enough then I would eventually get another 10 and stack both of them.

My ultimate goal would be to be able to take a 5-10+ minute shot during the middle of the day. Ideally it would include a stationary subject such as some wood, a tree, or some rocks. At least something that has some interesting element to it. The background would include moving clouds or some experimenting with other moving elements such as grass or trees. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to start doing this experimenting though. The Lee kit I have my eye on is about $950 on Amazon, which would be the same cost as a decent lens. But to me, the filters are worth as much as the lenses as I wouldn’t be able to get the photos I want without either one, so it would be well worth it as it would get a lot of use. For now though I think I may settle for another screw on ND filter but I’m worried about the vignetting. Anyways, just thought I’d talk a little about future plans.


Tiny Drops

17 thoughts on “Tiny Drops

  1. Justin, are you serious? Seventy-four shots? OH WOW!! This is an incredible photo I must admit, but would I be willing to go to that extent? All that work? Please know how very very lucky YOU are to have the time to do this. Love, Amy


    • Thanks Amy! It didn’t actually take that long. To take the photos didn’t take much longer than doing a few long exposure shots and processing all of them was easy as I was able to just sync them all in LR. It did take a few minutes to process them through the focus stacking software though but I was able to do other things while that was going on.


      • OH, Justin, you are talking WAY over my head. Hehehehehehe I am still not all that techno savvy, my friend. Yes, I use LR but ONLY on my iPad, not windows, due to me not having the OS that I need to run LR. And I think the LR I do have on iPad is not the full LR. Good news though! I am getting a NEW laptop next week, so I can finally use PS CC and LR on windows. I paid for Creative Cloud but not able to use PSCC due to the OS issue. And stacking? I have NO idea what you are talking about. LOL Oh, Justin, for real, I have SO much to learn that sometimes I really feel like a fish out of water, gasping for air. xx Amy


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