Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 17mm
Aperture: f/16
Shutter Speed: 20 seconds
ISO: 100

I tried to get back to this place for some fall colors but the trees weren’t cooperating very well. Oh well. I’ll try to make it here for winter though. I think it’ll make some nice winter photos.

This past weekend I was able to make it out and do some star trail photos. I found another application that extends the trails so I don’t have to spend 5+ hours to get one photo and have to stack them all. I haven’t tested it out yet but once I do then I’ll let you know what it is and show the photos. If they turn out, I think they will be nice.

These next couple of weeks are going to be busy so I’ll try to keep up but not sure how much I’ll be posting.



12 thoughts on “Fallen

    • Thanks Emilio! I tend to take the phrase “get low” for taking photos a bit to the extreme quite often. So much in fact that more often than not my camera is hanging upside down on my tripod and touching the ground at times. I have found that the little screen for live view is just as important for quite a few of my photos as the camera and lens itself as it makes it so much easier to look at to compose the shot and fine tune the focus. I have recently picked up the Nikon AW120 so perhaps on a future shoot I can photography my setup and the steps I take to get some of the photos I show. Some may ask why I don’t just lay on the ground. My answer would be that I don’t want to lay in the mud or in the stream/river to get the shot. I just use what tools are given to me to accomplish the results I’m looking for.


      • Great idea for me. I have problems getting up from the ground (a result of two motorcycle accidents and subsequent knee operations). So I will have to try your upside camera on tripod technique. I’m just not sure how low my tripod will go. Maybe a foot or foot and a half? That should be low enough! Thanks!


        • Not sure how your tripod works, but with mine I’m able to disconnect the bottom piece off of the middle shaft then take it all the way out and then turn it around so I can insert it so it is upside down. At this point I’m able to lower to to the ground or a little higher. It also comes in handy if I want to photograph something that’s on something but the angle of everything doesn’t work so well with the camera upright. I then sort of straddle the tripod over the bottom object and then sort of ‘hang’ the camera in front of my subject. If any of that makes sense….it’s easier to show than to explain I guess.


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