I have decided to partake in the One Four Challenge that was started by and hosted on Robyn’s blog. For this challenge I have decided to use the above photo which is in its unedited state straight from RAW. For the first week I’ll show a minimally processed photo that adjusts just a few elements.


What I did with this photo was boosted up the contrast and saturation a bit then used a tool in LR to lower the exposure around the flower just a tad to help the flower itself stand out a bit more. Not much, simple but yet effective.


One Four Challenge – December Week 1

39 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – December Week 1

  1. Oopps.. there’s more 😜
    Welcome Justin.. glad youre joining us!
    I like both of these – the RAW and the 1st edit.
    Such a lovely little (clover?) flower – so soft and delicate.


    • Thanks again Robyn! LOL

      I may have cheated a bit though because I already did all my edits as I don’t know how busy I’ll be over the next few weeks. 3 edits were easy to do but the 4th was a bit harder. I won’t say what I did though so you’ll just have to wait and see until I post them. πŸ™‚ I think it’s easy to get a couple different unique photos out of one shot but coming up with 3-4 is a bit more of a challenge. You can only change the color tones so much before it starts to get boring. For the life of me I can’t remember when or where I took this photo. All I know is that it was sometime in the beginning of the summer or end of spring. But after looking online I believe it is a red clover flower. Quite a bit different than the white clover flower I posted awhile back.

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      • Morning Justin πŸ˜ƒ
        Actually, I dont see that as cheating – its whatever works for us!!
        Many of us are saying that weeks 1, 2 and even 3 are quite doable, but when week (3 or) 4 comes around, this is where we are quite challenged. Its really great!!
        Looking forward to the next images and happy to wait πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


  2. Oh I am so glad you are going to participate in this challenge. I really appreciate your work and edits. There is gorgeous color in this image and the detail in the individual clover parts is beautiful too. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.


  3. Simple but effective use of editing, really makes the clover become the star! So pleased you’ve admitted to getting the processing all done early in the month, I’ve done 3 and felt naughty, like I should be doing one a week, but the 4th has me stumped and I’m waiting to see if what someone else does in another week inspires me. Looking for ward to your 2nd week.


    • Thanks Lee! I know what you mean about being stumped. When I edit a photo there’s always 2 ways to process a photo that always comes to mind at first and that is color and B&W. A 3rd way to process may or may not be easy depending on what the photo is. The 4th I think will always be tricky because that’s when you have to actually think of what the photo has potential for. I think it’d be rather boring if you just did different shades of colors for all of the edits because one, it’s too easy, and two, I wouldn’t consider that being too creative. I think this challenge really helps you understand more of how to use the tools in order to do different editing techniques to get something different out of your photo than just adjusting a couple of sliders here and there. I do think that working with layers in CS you have more options than with just LR where you can’t work with layers though. I don’t have CS so I’ve gotta work with the limitations of LR.


      • You’re right about the layers in CS being great for added creativity but since I’ve learnt a bit more about LR it is actually amazing what you can do there and very simply. Having said that I’m using CS next week πŸ™‚ I’ve found it interesting reading through the various posts in this challenge the different software that everyone uses and the effects people are getting. Quite an eyeopener for someone as staid as me.
        Can’t wait for Monday πŸ™‚


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