Here is my third entry for the One Four Challenge. I went with a completely different approach on this one. Lately I’ve been noticing that I can get a higher light/dark contrast ratio when I start to change the white balance, tint, and some of the color elements on a photo when it is in B&W. Sometimes I like to switch it back to color just to see what it looks like based on what I did. When doing the B&W conversion I didn’t quite end up with this version but it was somewhat close and I wondered what it would look like if it made the red petals look more green to go more with the background.

Usually I don’t like to alter the color of something so this probably won’t happen very often. But I don’t think it really hurts the quality of the photo as it looks natural in this state. It looks more like it could be green clover rather than a red one.

I will also include the previous photos for comparison as well. Look forward to showing the B&W version next week!


Week 2 Processing



Week 1 Processing



RAW Photo





    • Thanks Albatz! I don’t think next week’s photo will help any either. This version was more accidental but my other 3 versions were visions I had that I just had to play around in LR to get the specific looks I was going for. I was a little difficult coming up with 4 different versions that were all unique.


  1. I really like this Week 3 version, much more subtle colouring and I like the idea of converting to B&W before playing with the colours and tints and white balance. Delicate indeed.


  2. Yes this is much more to my taste, love how you can see the delicate veins in each petal and how the colour varies across the flower. Nice job, look forward to the BW!


  3. Another lovely version of this flower Justin – yes I agree, its quite natural looking. Love the detail!
    Also looking forward to the B&W 😃.. I do like this one though and still the raw image 😄


    • Thanks Robyn! I’m thinking that from the responses I’ve been getting it’s going to make it a bit more difficult for people to vote on their favorite. I know which one is mine but each person has their own tastes. Now I just need to sift through new photos to determine what to use for next months challenge. And hopefully get back into the Monochrome Madness Challenge. Got my new 20mm f/1.8 lens last week so I’m hoping to get out during Christmas break to take a few photos! 😀

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    • Thanks Amy! I agree with you. Usually when processing a photo I stop when I am happy with it but with this challenge it really makes you think of different possibilities and stretches your creativity. It will definitely make me think of different shots while I’m out in the field once I know how to get different looks during processing.

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