Here is my second entry for the One Four Challenge for the month of January. After the first file was processed I wanted to give it a go with more of a de-saturated look since I’ve been playing around with that lately. To get a more natural de-saturated look I ended up making the photo look a bit more under exposed to try and get it to have more of a mood to it. When I got to this point I decided to call it good but after staring at it for a few moments I decided that although it can hold it’s own, I wanted to take it a step further. For next weeks photo you will see more of an artistic approach to the de-saturated look than this one.

For reference I have also included the original RAW and first weeks photo below.


Week 1 Processing



34 thoughts on “ONE FOUR CHALLENGE – January WEEK 2

    • Thanks Sarah! That is good to know. I like the way I’ve been learning to process lately as well for my artistic approaches as well. I like to keep it looking as natural as possible but add the extra bit of creativity in processing to give that pop. I’ve got a few photos I’ve managed to process over the weekend that I’m hoping to get posted this week that has quite a bit more processing than I normally do. I’m not sure if they are over done or not but it’s all part of the learning by experimenting. When we see something at first we might like it but in time it might fade away. I’m not sure what will happen with my new processing techniques but it’s helping me get closer to my own style I guess.

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      • Learning through experimentation is the way to go 🙂 It’s how I learned all the software I use! Never read a book on any of them as I’ve always been better at developing my methods by trying thing out. I often save images at different stages of processing to make it easier to go back to an earlier version if I find that I have completely overdone it. With some of my work I have to take a break from the image, often for months, so I can return to it with fresh eyes and see how I feel about it. At the end of the day I don’t really believe their are any rules with art! Create whatever appeals to you 🙂

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  1. I like this, I can feel that sudden drop in temperature, as the wind rises all of a sudden and that first scattering of raindrops as that storm rolls in all of a sudden. Nice light 🙂


    • Thanks Ben! I agree it looks more natural than last weeks. Sometimes I like the over saturated look a bit but for this photo I tend to lean more towards this look. The next two weeks will be more of an artistic feel to them with how much I went into the processing but I think they turned out nice. It’s taking everything I have to not show them now.


  2. I like it – definitely more natural, but because you had worked on the sky last week, it’s way better than the original image….looking forward to seeing what you do next week!


    • Thanks Sue! It does look more natural but I was also going for more of a less color approach without going B&W. I do still like more of a saturated look but lately I’ve been meddling more in the de-saturated look and darker tones. I’ve also been taking a look at more high key and low key nature and landscape photography and think I may plan my shots with those things in mind to make more artistic pieces. I’m really wanting some fine art photography to hang on the wall.

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  3. This (the original) is such a great image, it lends itself to lots of cool experimentation. I think of the two weeks, I prefer week 1 for the richer tones and colors. I get what you’re trying to do in week 2, and eager to see where this goes next week.


    • Thanks Joanne! While I sometimes like the saturation of some photos I also like the de-saturated look of others. What I tried to do for this version was create more of a natural look while going a bit more de-saturated than what the first week was. Next week though will be much more on the artistic side so it’s results will be quite different than what was done here.


    • Thanks Cybele! One of the things I really like is a shallow DoF and with wide angle that is very difficult to do. I don’t like to blur any parts of my photos because in many cases there are objects within different focus planes of the photo across the frame so trying to get an accurate ‘blur’ is very difficult and time consuming in LR. But now I have the new 20mm f/1.8 lens from Nikon so that should make it a bit easier for the shallow DoF. I’ve had the lens for more than a month now but have yet been able to get out to use it. Once things quiet down a bit perhaps I’ll have a chance in the coming weeks.


    • Thanks! I’ve been kind of stuck in a rut with not really knowing what to do with my photos and I’ve been unhappy with them looking too ‘normal’ so I’ve been doing a bit of research in different editing techniques to learn how to make them stand out a bit more. One of the things I’ve been trying to work on is getting a de-saturated look or more low key type photography. I also want to experiment with high key as well but don’t have the correct subject matter for most of my photos. I’m hoping to do a post once I get enough photos to display about low key nature and landscape photography.


  4. I love the angle (POV) of this image. I keep looking at last week’s version and then looking at this one… I like what you have done to the foreground in this one, but I miss some of the blue in the sky (perhaps not as much as in week 1, but a bit more than week 2). Overall really great edits to both weeks. 🙂


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