For those of you who are confused as to why there is no photo for this post, here’s the reason. I’ve decided instead of creating a new blog to keep up, and because I also want to share this story with others, that I’d just post it on here. I may incorporate photos with the story as it progresses or I might just post it bit by bit.

A bit earlier than planned but after reading what I had already done, I didn’t think anything needed to be done. This is probably the 3rd or 4th draft to the prologue of the story. I read my initial one and was a bit disappointed until I read this and was much happier. I know everyone has a different taste in what they like to read so a warning for those of you who aren’t much into fictional stories with fictional beings. I know it’s probably not as good as George R.R. Martin or Brandon Sanderson, but it is better that some other books I have read. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! Thanks!

This story is written with only adults in mind. While not all chapters will contain content that is not suitable for children I strongly advise to be careful when reading this. This should go without saying but any and all writings on this blog are under copyright by law and belong to only to me. No one has any permission to copy or distribute the text on this belong without my sole permission. You do however have my permission to reblog this if you want. All characters in this story are fictional and do not portray anyone.

Now for the start of the story:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1


As the beast stood on the hill he howled into the night with his brothers and sisters. The moon glistened off the edge of the blood stained blade that he held in his hand. Sweat with determination rolled down his face as he thought of the fate that was near. He should have never done what he had done, thought the beast. Now he must pay. All he could feel in his heart was pain and hatred. Pain that filled him deeper than anything he had ever felt in his life. His hand tightened around the handle of the blade, the blade that would avenge his pain. No one could stop him, for he was destined to do what he wanted to tonight no matter what was in his way.

“Tonight is the night that we must fight to the death,” the beast said to his siblings. “We must avenge everything they have caused us.” He did not speak with words, but with images and feelings in his mind that went through all the minds of his brother’s and sister’s.

Of the beasts, he was the only one that could stand on two legs. He felt as an equal even though they looked at him as a king. The females fought alongside the males as though there was no difference between them. For an instant he stood there looking at the moon. He glimpsed his past and soon they were off. His feet were pounding against the grass and dirt. Wind was blowing through his hair. Hundreds of thousands of beasts were to the left and right of him as well as behind him. He finally felt the thrill of what it was like to lead an army to battle.

He wasn’t always like this. There was once a time that he wasn’t a beast at all. He was once a gentle man. He grew up with no sign of becoming the beast he was. No one could exactly tell how this came or why such a thing would even happen. Though the thought was there deep within everyone’s mind, no one could explain exactly how everything happened.

Now we’ll go back to where it all started, where the story began. On this day, there was a new life with the birth of a baby boy. This new life would bring change to this world. Deep in the valley, on the outskirts of the Banacian Forest, in a small village by the name of Belasia, in the Nation of Laditha, a baby boy was born and given the name of Rakkel Ch’terin. He was named after his great grandfather who looked identical to him when he was born. Some say he was a strange child, one that should have never been born. Many believed that this day was a bad day, a very bad day indeed, for he is the one that will change many lives, including his own. His parents did not believe so. In fact, they were quite happy that they had a baby boy now.

The parents made a trip to the wizard, Haraith Jh’tulishul, who lived in the Mountains of Etalier to the east of the village. Everyone always visited the wizard when they had a baby. He always knew what was to become of the people when they were born; whether they would be famous, or if they would live a boring life, or if they would die early or live long. They made the journey through the forest, deeper and deeper until they made it to the mountains. When they finally made it to the wizard they asked him what he thought of their child.

“He is destined to become something great,” Haraith said, “and something evil!” He wasn’t really sure what to think. So many things were brought to his mind when he laid his hands on this child. Some visions were battles of dragons and giant wolves with fur blacker than the darkest night and eyes that glowed many hues of red and yellow. The vision that scared him the most was the one with a man that looked almost like one of the wolves, but his eyes were glowing blue. “I fear that he will live a short life. Not too short, but shorter than what you would hope for,” the wizard finished. He would not say any more no matter how much the parents questioned him.

The parents didn’t know what to think. They wondered if they brought him up carefully then the wizard would be wrong and their child would never turn out to be something evil. What could he be that was evil? Of course they never told anyone about this. No one ever mentioned what the wizard said. It was always kept a secret among the parents of the child. For if anyone ever found out then they would want to be rid of this child.

Over the years they kept it a secret and told no one. They watched him grow waiting to see what would happen. They waited to see what he would be that would make him great, but dreaded the day that he would be something that was evil. Nothing in him led them to believe that he would be evil one day. They thought the wizard lied, that he didn’t know the truth. All they could do was hope. Hope that the day that he was to turn evil would never come.

The town that this child grew up in was a small village of sorts. It has gone unnoticed for many centuries. Mainly because of its location, not many people wanted to travel in those parts. To the west lay the prosperous town of Kalak and the port town of Eltzin. The Shaia Ocean ran along the coast to the west of the towns and brought many goods to them. No one in Belasia really knew what was to the east of the Mountains of Etalier. They only heard stories from the peddlers and merchants that went through. One day the boy from Belasia would venture out and find out what was beyond these mountains. Many people will remember that day; that day will be the beginning of a new adventure that will become a great legend. Or an evil one, whichever way a person may look at it.

To the east of Belasia lay the capitol of the Nation of Laditha, Hatesia. This is the biggest city in the nation. It also holds the largest dragon army. There were a few other dragon armies in some of the other cities. Quator, Lisadar, and Aljan are the only other cities that hold dragon armies. Small as those armies are, no one wanted to fight against dragons unless need be. Their fierce strong claws could rip a man into shreds with or without armor and the fire that came from within their stomachs were said to burn hot enough to melt the steel right into a man’s flesh.

To the north of Belasia lay the Khawan Mountains. These mountains spread across the land from the Shaia Ocean to the Sundim Ocean which lay to the far east of the lands. There is a pass in the middle of the Khawan Mountains where one could cross over from the Nation of Laditha to the Nation of Surutem. Not many people were willing to make this pass, for the Nation of Surutem was forever covered in winter snow that never melted. It is said no one returned once they crossed through the pass. Because of the harsh cold, or some vile creatures that lived beyond those mountains, no one was really sure.

There are many other nations and many islands that are spread throughout the world. All the other nations and islands have many stories to tell. The nation of Surutem and the Nation of Laditha may not have as important of a story to tell as other nations might, but this is the story that will be told, for it is a story that will change the lives of many people.


Chapter 1


That’s it for the end of the prologue. In MS Word it is about 2.5 pages long. The length of my chapters are about 5-8 pages long so they are a bit of reading. What I think I’ll do then is if enough people like it and want it to continue then I’ll post a couple pages a week or split a chapter to post throughout the month. Then this should give me some motivation to continue writing more of the story if people want to know what happens. I won’t give away any spoilers but I may post a little back story or some detail about the characters here and there.


Rise of the Beasts – Prologue

26 thoughts on “Rise of the Beasts – Prologue

    • Thanks Sari! I usually don’t read a book unless it’s in a series as I like longer stories that take awhile to read. I’ve rarely picked up a 200 page book I could finish in a day. But with that in mind, from my experience, you usually need to read a few chapters before things start to make sense and then you re-read the book/series again and it makes much more sense the second time around. I’m reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive for the second time and things make much more sense now that I have a greater understanding of what’s going on. I just wish he’d get the 3rd book out as I’m getting impatient. 🙂

      I think once we get into the first chapter things might make a little more sense. I wrote the prologue to start off with a scene from the ‘future’ to grab attention and then switched it to the ‘past’ for a bit of a back story. The first chapter will be in a dialog behind one of the main characters which will be easier to follow. I might throw in some information about the characters and other things as I write each post so it might help.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah I know that feeling 🙂 I had to reread GoT after I finished the rest of the series to get all the facts from the first chapters. I should check out Brandon Sanderson in this case… 😉


        • GoT was very confusing to me the first time I read through it. By the time I got to the third book I couldn’t even remember some of the characters. I didn’t re-read any of the first 4 books and had finished them in 2009 and then read the 5th book when it came out and was completely lost. I then re-read all of them and everything made much more sense. I’ve since read them a 3rd time as well.

          I learned about Brandon Sanderson because I read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and he passed away before he could finish the series so him and his wife had Sanderson finish it. I liked his writing style so decided to read his books and I think he does a great job. The Mistborn Trilogy is worth a read as well as The Stormlight Archive. If I were you though I’d read the Mistborn Trilogy first as it’s a complete set of 3 books where The Stormlight Archive is supposed to be 10 books and only 2 are out, the last one released last year with the next one supposedly being release in 2016. There is a book following the Mistborn Trilogy set in the future of it and I have seen snippets of Sanderson stating that it’s going to be expanded, but couldn’t find anything on when the next book would be out though.

          If you have any authors or books that were a good read let me know as I’m looking for something to fill the gap until new books are released from both Martin and Sanderson. I have a feeling it’s going to be a few years…


          • OK, you guys, speak English. I do not read fantasy stories but have to admit yours is intriguing. The world seems very well thought out and, dare one say, real? But what the heck is GoT? I am looking forward to following your story and have already read chapter one!


          • Never got interested in that as a novel or as an HBO series! I tried the series and might have seen two episodes. But except for finding the blond actress extremely attractive, I had no interest.


          • When I start reading a book it doesn’t have to grab my interest right away, but it needs to at least within the first 5-10 chapters. I don’t like all the characters in the series but I have grown to like some. But I also look at his writing style and I like it more than other authors. I also like that he kills off what seems to be main characters. I think the reason for that is because not many authors do something like that. But to each their own.


          • Well, maybe in between waiting for your posts I’ll give him a try. I love to read and see no reason to limit the types of books I enjoy. I just finished a biography and, before that, a book about vampires.


  1. So glad you decided to post it. 🙂 It is very interesting indeed. I am intrigued and want to know more! There are a few grammar and punctuation things, but I only noticed those as my civilian job is an editor. (Though I cannot seem to find errors in my own writing to save my life! Go figure.) So, don’t let the discourage you. Ideas and story line are the hard part, and I think you have a great start here. Keep writing…please. 🙂


    • Thanks Michelle! The one thing I’m a bit worried about IF I ever finish and want to publish is the grammar and punctuation since I’m not too good with that sort of thing. I’m a software developer and software developers and grammar don’t mix well. I depend on MS Word to let me know if a word is misspelled or sentences don’t make sense. I did some research on the cost of editing and am not sure how much I’d make and would almost consider just self-publishing on Amazon’s kindle without the editing if I ever made it that far. But, much like photography, it may just stay a hobby. The extra money would be nice but is not exactly needed.


      • I am not sure about costs either. (I edit Army manuals, so kind of different world, and not nearly as intetesting of reads!) A friend of mine is working on her book, so we are looking into it. I will let you know if we find anything out. 🙂 Just keep writing. All that stuff will come with time. And by posting some, us grammar freaks can always help you. (Just don’t expect perfect writing from me.) Oh, and I have some friends who did self-publish books. I am picking their brains some on that. There are also some great tips on publishing on Smashmouth. Anyway, I am rambling. Keep writing. You are one step ahead of those who only talk about doing it.


        • Same here! I am not an editor but did teach high school English for awhile and am a bit of a grammar freak and will help if need be. As Nato says, just keep writing and the rest will come with time. But I warn you, if you don’t finish this story and post it, you will make one very pissed off reader who just might have to hunt you down and….

          Liked by 1 person

          • I assume the response has been all positive? Good. I hope you have no prior commitments to family, friends, or any forms of entertainment as I would frown upon you taking the time and not writing. I would allow bathroom and food breaks, though, if kept to a minimum!


          • Then I guess I shall say you will be disappointed when I tell you that family, work, and photography all take precedence to my writing. And in that same order as well. So if I have the perfect opportunity to get out and shoot for a few hours, then that’s where I’ll be. Not stuck behind a computer typing… 😛


          • OK, maybe I was a bit harsh. I do enjoy your photography and it would be a shame to lose that. And, I suppose you will need to make some money and maybe see family occasionally. I accept your decision!


    • Thanks Elen and thanks for the input. As I was reading through the first chapter I started to realize how hard it would be to break it up and to read it bit by bit each week could get confusing. I wouldn’t be able to one chapter a week or every other week though. I’m not sure if it’s too much time in between if I do one per month, but right now I’d be lucky to write more than one chapter a month though. I’ll think on it a little bit but may decide for the one chapter per month at the beginning of the month and see how that goes. If I end up getting ahead I may bump it up to every other week or something.


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    • The first part of your comment is wrong on so many levels but I won’t comment on that. I will however say thank you and that I plan on making this an ongoing thing as people seem to like what I am writing. Now I almost want to change the name of my book… LOL

      I’m probably looking forward to seeing what happens as much as everyone else. I did have an outline laid out for 33 chapters in the first book but since then I have rewritten the first few chapters and things have changed quite a bit in how I want the book to go. It is much harder to write a book than I originally thought it would be but I always like a challenge.


      • I have tried several books in the past I only finished one and it was so bad, I never gave it a chance. No rewriting, no editing. Just the circular file! Good luck with the novel. I just got back from the library over lunch and put Game Of Thrones on order.


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