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Focal Length: 105mm
Aperture: f/4.5
Shutter Speed: 1/200
ISO: 320

As summer turns to autumn and autumn to winter, the leaves slowly change colors from green to a beautiful array of yellows, oranges, and reds to brown then slowly start to decay. We don’t think about a leaf having a skeleton but after seeing this one I would say that they do.


The Skeleton

6 thoughts on “The Skeleton

    • Thanks Laura! I think you’ll be happy when I say “It’s only the beginning!”

      What got me into it? One thing I hate more than anything is monotonous things. If I find myself doing what seems like the same thing over and over I start thinking that this is too easy and boring. So instead of just dropping photography because it seemed like I wasn’t getting anywhere, I decided to start doing more research to find something else I could learn. That’s when I found out about desaturated, low key, and high key photography. I already knew a little about low key and high key but always associated those with portraits which I don’t like to do. But then I thought, “type into Google ‘low key landscape photography'”. I then clicked on the “Images” link and once I started seeing some photos I was amazed and then all sorts of ideas started popping up in my mind.

      But then I thought, subject matter is one thing, so how do I process it to give it that look? So then I started researching how to use LR to give the look I was looking for. After seeing a few examples it expanded my knowledge on using additional things in LR that I wasn’t quite comfortable with before and now I am where I am. Now the question is, will I start to consider my work as monotonous as I continue down this path then change it? I’m not sure. I’m quite happy with it now and want to improve on it, but I’m hoping that I could at least come up with a look that is my own and stick with it a little more rather than constantly changing. I’m thinking that over the next year though that I’ll know the answer more accurately as I continue to shoot and process more photos. I’ve also started thinking more about trying to sell my work as well and thinking that once I start working less hours at my day job then to invest a bit of time into trying to sell. I think the extra money would be very useful for finally getting my student loans paid off and also saving up to travel to more places.

      But for now I can say that I will continue with the artistic approach but still keeping the subject matter as a natural look. I like the painterly looking photographs but I just don’t feel that is me. So I will just continue to manipulate the lighting in my photos to get the effects I’m looking for. I think by doing this I will also learn more about how to take a photo in just about any light and make it look like the lighting was different than what I actually had to work with.


      • I know what you mean about monotonous. I get that way too and it’s why you see various things from me. My favorite is photo art though. No shocker there. But seriously, that low key stuff you have a knack for. Maybe you can push it to its edges to not keep it dull for you. Like even scenes of things in low key. Some of my work uses low key as a layer. I do love the way it looks.


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