Here is my fourth entry for the One Four Challenge for the month of January. For this version I decided to go B&W. For this take I went off of last weeks with a darker theme. I really like how this turned out in its B&W theme. I didn’t do much of anything different from last weeks version except lightened up the other items outside of the bucket a bit more. This time around I’m not going to include a poll to vote but if you’d like to say which one is your favorite then you are welcome to in the comments below. Now off to hunt for the next photo for next month.

For reference I have also included the original RAW and rest of the photos below.


Week 1 Processing

Week 2 Processing

Week 3 Processing



35 thoughts on “ONE FOUR CHALLENGE – January WEEK 4

  1. The monochrome gives it a very moody look this week. I like it but week 3 is my favorite of the month. Happy to hear you are going to continue with this next month. Good luck finding an image, I am sure you will have no trouble selecting one.


    • Thanks Carrie! I think I might have one in mind but it’s still sitting on my card in my camera so haven’t gotten the chance to look at it closer yet. Went to some falls this past weekend but they were a bit more frozen than I was hoping so I had to improvise from what my original idea was going to be. I figured 3 days in the upper 30’s would have thawed the ice a bit more than it did.

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      • Oh you are back to the ice images! Yay. Those are always so interesting and beautiful. Sometimes improvisation ends up bringing out other details you would have missed.


        • I love photographing water in all its forms, especially ice. Next month I’ll be taking a couple weeks off work to help with the new baby and during that time when my wife is able to function a bit more after a few days I’m going to try to get out to get some winter photos. I’m thinking with my new knowledge over the summer I’ll be able to get better shots than last year. I’m just hoping for some nice frozen scenery to help me. 🙂


          • Oh that is exciting! Is this your first baby? Congratulations, you sure have a lot going on 🙂
            The passion for water comes through in your images for sure. I think that is the great thing about photography, you could go to the same spot and never photograph it the same.


          • This is actually baby #3. I’ve got two girls and this one is going to be a boy. But a funny thing is that one of my wife’s aunts visited a fortune teller a couple weeks ago and she was told that there was someone in her life she enjoyed hanging out with that has two little girls and will be having a third baby soon. The funny part is that the fortune teller said that they were told it is going to be a boy but it’s really going to be a girl. The ultrasounds clearly show it’s a boy but if it does end up being a girl then that’s just creepy.
            I really can’t wait until they are older because trying to get out anywhere with a 2 and 5 year old is very difficult when they don’t want to listen and there’s a lot of walking involved. The way I see it though is that there’s plenty of years ahead of us so I’m in no hurry at the moment. Just enjoy things one moment at a time.

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          • Ah yes, I totally hear you, we have a 5 and 7 year old, both boys…and our hiking adventures have ground to almost a halt since having them. My 5 yr old is a much better hiker and almost always up for an adventure way more than my 7 yr old. The unknown is hard for my 7 yr old.
            Well, congratulations again, and what a crazy story about the fortune teller! You are “in it”, and I am sure at least one of your kids will start to find a love for adventuring with you. Teaching them to see things around them and their beauty is quite a gift to give them.


  2. Hard choice … Iike how each edit goes towards a darker version .. the second process is really great but in the end, I think I’ll go black and white, so week 4 for me.


    • Thanks Robyn! That seems to be the consensus but I still like week 4 as my favorite. I think people will like next month’s photo. It’s of ice, but that’s a bit vague so you’ll just have to wait till Monday to see exactly what I have in store. 😉

      This time I didn’t do all my edits at once. I’m going to take a different approach and not do any simple edits this time around to see if I can make it to 4 doing so. If I can’t then I’ll have to do slight variations I guess. It’ll give me a chance to look into what Nik can help me with.


      • Good luck Justin 😀
        We’re swapping our approaches this time round.
        Mine are done… Yay! Feb is a busy month for me with work.
        Looking forward as always to seeing your chosen image and your progress through Feb 😃


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