February Week 2

Here is my second entry for this months One Four Challenge. Waiting a week between the first and second photo allowed me to jump in with a fresh start. Without looking at the previous photo for any drive I decided to head into this one thinking B&W with a little bit of a high key look to it. I didn’t do any color transitions as I wanted the white of the ice to really stand out. The white of the ice on the left of the frame was a bit overpowering though so I toned that down a little. I also cropped it from the top and bottom to make a panoramic looking photo. Now for the next one I may jump out of LR and use some of the Google Nik plugins to create something.

For reference I have also included the original RAW and first weeks photo below.


Week 1




22 thoughts on “ONE FOUR CHALLENGE – February WEEK 2

    • Thanks Ben! I would agree but I think that when I process a photo that I’ve already processed that I like I am not happy with it until I like it more than the last version. It does get more challenging as you get more versions.


    • Thanks! The blues do help with creating a nice scene. Sometimes color brings something to the photo that B&W just can’t do. I like them both but I just finished the 3rd edit last night and am somewhat pulled towards that one more. We’ll see when I post it next Monday what everyone has to say though.

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  1. I’m also a fan of the B&W. The panoramic crop has an interesting effect (for me) on this image. I started wondering… if I didn’t know the subject matter, would I know what this is? It’s almost stepped into abstraction. I like that Justin 😀


    • Thanks Robyn! I wasn’t going to go with the panoramic look at first but after converting to B&W the foreground became a little distracting and pulled my attention from the ice ‘pillar’ on the right side a bit more than I wanted. After cropping I liked the look so kept with it.

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