DSC_3758 - 3-Edit


Here is my fourth and last entry for this months One Four Challenge. It was difficult trying to come up with something that didn’t mimic or go off any of the previous edits. This week I had to have a different mind set and was thinking of how to make this photo look more low key. I don’t think I quite got the effect I had in mind but it was difficult trying to make a low key effect with this photo. I ended up doing some basic edits in LR such as the cropping and using the graduated filter to darken up the corners on the left of the frame. I then exported it to Analog Efex Pro 2 from the Google Nik collection. After clicking on what seemed like a few hundred different presets I found something that came close to what I liked so then I fine tuned it a bit and came up with this. I will say it’s not my favorite edit out of the group but it does seem to have a bit of appeal to it. Now off to decide which photo to do for next month.

For reference I have also included the original RAW and previous weeks photos below.


Week 1

February Week 2

Week 2

February Week 3

Week 3





25 thoughts on “ONE FOUR CHALLENGE – February WEEK 4

  1. I think my favourite is the week 2 response. While not generally crazy about the letter box format, it really works effectively with this particular image. I think that edit draws attention to the shapes of the ice because of the contrast in tones.

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  2. I think my favorite is Week 2, but I also like this weeks version. What I really like about it is the green shimmering through the water. Hope everything is going after plan and without problems! 😉


    • If I were to do one edit of this photo in color it would have been the week 3 edit as I like to process my photos to make them look as natural as possible unless I’m going for a more low key or high key look. For this photo I don’t either one of those really work out as well.

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  3. Jason its a nice job, I like how it bought the focus to the frozen waterfall and the bubbles in the water to the left a bit. Like Ben I think my personal fave is last weeks, but they have all been great images 🙂


  4. Justin, I like that you ‘found’ something different with this 4th edition – that is the challenge.
    Wonderful subject – you know I love the ice too, with week 3 being my real favourite for Feb. Great work!! 😃😃


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