Big Nose

Click on the image to view a high res version.

Focal Length: 16mm
Aperture: f/4.5
Shutter Speed: 1/250
ISO: 100

The 5th and final day of theh Black-and-White 5 days photo challenge. I usually don’t care much for street photography but always look forward to what Shane over at The Weekly Minute posts. So for this last day I’d like to invite him to do this challenge. I hope to see some more B&W photos from you Shane!

The rules for the Black-and-White 5 days photo challenge are:
(1) Publish a black and white photo every day for 5 days
(2) Invite someone to participate each day


Big Nose

6 thoughts on “Big Nose

    • Thanks Nancy! It took me long enough to get this photo that I didn’t have any time for anything else. I took this photo when I went with the family to a farm for the pumpkin patch.


      • That’s what I figured. Cows can move pretty fast when they start moving their heads around. About the best you could do is preplan your focal length and hope that one picture you get worked. Still, I liked the picture and the concept. You might ask if they’d let you come back and take more pictures. What’s the worst they can say? No?


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