Red Droplets

It is now time for week 3 in this month’s One Four Challenge. I’ll state the obvious right away that I did crop this version down to get rid of the reflection. I knew I was going to do a version like this in the beginning but just wasn’t quite sure on exactly what I was going to do with it. For this version I wanted to make it a bit more low key so I darkened it up a bit and pronounced the shadows. I also wanted to make a change to the color to make it look like a completely different photo from the original but still make it look natural. If you look at the original you will notice that the rose has more of a purplish red color to it. For this version I wanted to make it more on the red side. I can’t say exactly how I made this happen as the edit was done across multiple days just slowly changing different settings within LR. Still not sure what I want to do for the final week but we’ll see!

This photo also made it on Explore on Flickr! 🙂

For reference I have also included the original RAW and previous weeks photos below.

Reflections - RAW


Reflections - B&W

Week 1


Week 2




44 thoughts on “ONE FOUR CHALLENGE – March WEEK 3

  1. I am liking the dramatic punch of the red edit but I think I still prefer the monochrome version. It is interesting to see a rose devoid of colour so as to concentrate on the line, texture and shape of it instead.


  2. They’re all great. I think I prefer it with the reflection, perhaps not as much as in the edited image, more like the reflection in the original raw. But all good. Good work with the droplets.


    • Thanks Joanne! I’m kind of leaning towards something that shows some of the background without blacking it out for the final photo but I’ve also got other things I want to try to see how it looks so maybe there will be multiple photos for week 4 but a main one that is my week 4 choice.


  3. I love the rich red of this week’s edit and the crop gives a full on view of the rose. All the incredible sharpness and detail you captured are on display with a deepness this week. The BW version is a bit “out of the box” which is interesting but this week’s is so striking. Great edits, Justin.

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  4. Comes across as a brick red slightly tinted with orange on my monitor Justin. I like how you can see more texture and veins in the petals in this version .


    • Thanks Stacey! One thing I have learned lately is that it is probably difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the correct color for your photos across multiple monitors, especially for things like this. Not all monitors are calibrated the same so colors may be off on the one I edited on or on yours or both. It is hard to say. I know that my monitors colors are slightly off from the mpix’s printers.


      • yes most monitors are set quite bright with low contrast, I know on mine I always bring the brightness down a lot. Mine have been calibrated with a Spyder tho I lost the calibration when I had to reinstall windows.


        • I would like to get something to calibrate my monitor but don’t have the money yet. I need to in order to print some of my photos because the places I have tried don’t quite get the brightness right.


          • I managed to borrow the one my camera club has, I can’t afford one either but I would like too. Yes you need to have proper calibration for printing!


          • I’m looking at the X-Rite Colormunki Display. It seems to be the best for photography related things. Don’t know when I’ll get it but it’s the next item on my list.


      • Hi Justin – next month is a review month – we can go over our old images if we want to…or not 😜
        Im sure youre busy at home presently. Hope your wife and Liam are doing well 😃


        • It marked your reply as spam. Not sure why that happened. It’s never done that to anyone that I follow before. Anyways, everything is going great. I’ve finally gotten some time to get a few more photos as well. I was experimenting with some flowers, water, and my flash. I’m hoping to have a post put together next week with a few of those photos. My wife says I bought the flowers for my personal use but I did buy them for her, mostly. 😉


          • Ha ha Dual purpose flowers 😃
            Look forward to seeing what you have to say.. The spam thing does happen occasionally – glad you found it Justin 😀


    • Thanks Louise! I think you are right with the closer crop. I want to convert this version to B&W to bring more attention to the details of the rose as well but don’t know for sure if I want that to be my week 4 edit or not.

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  5. Great edit Justin. I was so sure that I had seen this with some sort of pink or purple. Thankfully it was true as the original was posted below. I like the B&W as the reflection is very clear and the details of petals and droplets work well with the natural black background. 🙂


      • I can understand as sometimes it’s very hard to know what to do in order to get what image you have in mind. For me it’s just the idea and not to have an image in mind which works specially when I’m confused. I know you’ll come up with something more creative and leave us wondering…like always. 🙂


    • Thanks Ben! When I think of a rose I generally think of a red rose. It is so hard to find a red rose with this much color though but I am happy with the amount of red I was able to put into it. It is a challenge in itself to try to create the vision I have with just LR itself.

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    • Thanks Truels! This is my first attempt at shooting a rose and makes me almost want to leave it at that, but if the opportunity comes again I will most definitely give it another try to top this photo.


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