Every time I go out and shoot I have one goal in mind. To create visions that are unique. Why visions and not photos? Because to me a photo is just a photo. But a vision is something that stands out. Something that is more unique. Already seen something that was shot before and you have the opportunity to replicate it? Look a little harder to try and create something different. It is nice to duplicate what has already been done in order to prove to yourself that you can do it, to learn how to do it, or to have a photo that you can say you shot yourself. But what’s more exciting is when you are able to create something that stands out and is unique because you haven’t seen it before. Even if it has already been done doesn’t mean you are duplicating it if you don’t already know it has been done.

Fire from Inside

Instead of getting your traditional sunrise shots, go for something that is different. For this photo I wanted to show the colors of the sun and shoot towards it, but not actually show it. What’s better than using a piece of ice that can use the light from the sun to show you something different? Light can be used in many different ways and the unique colors that it gives us during the golden hour can help us create something that is much different than any other part of the day.

Rays of Color

Find a way to frame your shot to create a different look. It was a tight squeeze getting into this space but I found it rewarding because it created something different than anything else I’ve done before. I’ve seen quite a few photos that are framed in a similar manner, but I wanted to create something that was unique to me. I was able to use a smaller aperture in order to get the rays of he sun to expand like they did in this photo. Most of the framed shots I see do not do this.

When you shoot to create a vision and try to be more unique, then you become more creative. This helps you stand out and have a better chance of being remembered by others. It is difficult to keep up with because of how many other photos are out there, but it is a competitive environment for not only photos, but many other things as well. If we created the same photos time and time again, people would get bored with them. Let your creativity wonder and create visions that are unique!


The Vision of Unique

12 thoughts on “The Vision of Unique

    • Thanks Laura! I am disappointed that I was not able to get out more this winter to get more photos of the ice. Now spring has arrived and all the snow and ice has melted so now I need to wait until winter starts up again.

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      • You must be one of the few people already looking forward to winter. I know what you mean though. We ventured out far less this winter because it was so icy underfoot and temperatures were so low.


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