DSC_4336 - Copy It is now time for the final post for March’s One Four Challenge. We are also on break next month which is somewhat of a relief because I have no idea what photo I would use. That will give me a month to prepare for May when it returns which is nice because I’ll be away for the first week. Having some extra time to prepare is always nice. Some have responded that they like the look of the original photo so I decided for my final edit to work on that look a little. I decided to only crop a little from the bottom then worked next on bringing out the details and colors of the remaining elements. I think I liked the red look more than the original so I made the rose more red. I also wanted to bring the green out a bit more in the leaves in the background that complimented the red color of the roses instead of the more flat green look of the original. To me this version gives a bit more of a natural look and feel to it vs. more of a photographic art look like the other ones. For reference I have also included the original RAW and previous weeks photos below.

Reflections - RAW


Reflections - B&W

Week 1


Week 2

Red Droplets

Week 3



24 thoughts on “ONE FOUR CHALLENGE – March WEEK 4

  1. I love the deeper red color this week and you did a beautiful job on the leaves, it really is very realistic. What an image to work with, it has been a pleasure to view each week. The black and white has my vote, just because it is so interesting, to me. But, this weeks version is very special too! Enjoy the month off, I am sure you will make the most of it.


  2. They are such stunning edits, each one. This week though – I love the softness, warmth, the red. It has my vote 😃
    Nicely done Justin.
    Enjoy our review/rest month! It will be fun looking back.


    • Thanks Robyn! I think this is the first photo that I didn’t go out of LR to do any of the edits. It has been a wonderful photo to work with and I just hope that I’ll come out with more just as nice throughout the year.


    • Thanks Sarah! There is a hint of other colors sitting in there that I just couldn’t get rid of. I’m sure I could if I had PS because of the limitations with LR that you can’t adjust certain things as a selection but as the whole photo. But I have been learning how to use different features in LR that help out with other photos.

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    • Thanks Ben! Now what I should do is get a nice white rose and take the photo again with the same setup and see how that turns out. I would want a really white rose though, not an off-white one.


    • Thanks Stacey! I do like the black background as it pushes more focus onto the rose and water droplets but then this photo does give the eye more to look at as the background compliments the roses as well.


  3. I like this one for its sparkling red and green. Although, I liked the week 2 as well. However, in this one the reflection is no different than the original, which is what I like. 🙂


    • Thanks Norma! That reflection is something that turned out really nice. I’m glad I came up with the idea and was able to capture it better than what I was expecting it to turn out like.


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