Winter provides us with many different things that we never get to see any other part of the year. People who don’t live where it gets cold never get to experience these things first hand. One of them is frost. It always has many different forms and shapes. It forms on many different items.


When it gets cold enough outside and we keep our houses warm, you may find some frost on the windows. The thing I find most interesting about this frost is that it never appears as the same shape every time it forms. It’s also such a hard thing to photography as you need to focus just right but I’m sure it does take the same patience and experience as shooting snow flakes.


If you look close enough though you can see very fine and intricate patterns that form. It’s almost like an art form itself that other nature provides us. These few photos that I have managed to capture make me want to learn how to manually create the frost myself on pieces of glass in order to photograph them at my leisure. It would be an interesting project. These photos were taken on my patio door which wasn’t so clean but with some clean glass I’m sure I could gather quite the collection of many different frost patterns.



One of the Wonders of Winter

10 thoughts on “One of the Wonders of Winter

  1. That’s some natural art work. You are both skilled and patient. I’m wondering how difficult it would have been for you to capture it. I tried it once and gave up very easily. Cool collection J.T. 🙂


    • Thanks Norma! It is very difficult. I’m not 100% happy with these photos as I had to be as close as possible with the macro lens and the focus plane is so shallow at that distance it really is hard to get a nice even photo with everything in sharp focus. I’m thinking something like this would be easier to do with focus stacking.


    • Thanks Tankred! It amazes me what mother nature can provide to us. Now only if I knew how to replicate frost patterns then I could start a collection of photos. I’m sure that there are many different patterns just like there are for snow flakes.


  2. These are amazing Justin, we don’t get much frost, at least since I started wanting to photograph it we haven’t. Isn’t it the way. I really hope we get lots this year. I love these, they are so cool.


    • Thanks Leanne! I’m really wanting to see if I can find out how to replicate how to create frost patterns like this. If I would be able to do something like this in the freezer it would be easy to come up with a collection of photos but I’m not sure exactly what the conditions are that make the frost look like this. The only time I see it like this is when it’s on a window where one side is in the house and the other is outside. It would be very difficult to recreate those conditions.


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