A photo of a flower can be great when shot under the right light and composition. But add some water and you add another element to the photo, one that can create an even better scene. I think it is the drops of water than can bring the photo to life more than it was than just having something wet, but a lot of water might work as well as long as you have a vision you are trying to achieve.


I didn’t get any shots of this flower from a christmas cactus without any water, but I did get many different shots with water drops. While shooting I decided to press the shutter as I was spraying the water on the flower to see what I could catch and here’s what I came up with.


As you can see now there are not only water droplets on the flower itself, but also caught in mid-air around the flower both behind and in front of the focus point. Below I have included a gallery of some shots of a flower with and without water in different compositions so you can see the difference it can make. I like the shots without the water but I think the water does bring another element to the photo to make it look more interesting. What do you think? I also think this flower makes a nice photo in B&W. Will probably post one next week.


Inspiration with Water

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