It’s been 5 months since Robyn started up the One Four Challenge and I’ve participated in 4 of those months. It has been great so far and I’ve learned how to use different tools within LR that I never knew about before. Trying to come up with a different look for a photo that you’ve already achieved a good look for is quite challenging, especially once you get down to the last week. I look forward to continuing this challenge in the months ahead as I learn how to edit photos in more ways. I don’t know if I’ll ever settle on one specific style as I like to evolve with my photography.

Until next month, here’s a gallery of the photos of the months I have participated in.


One Four Challenge – April Review

8 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – April Review

  1. So great reading your thoughts Justin and knowing that the challenge is something you’re enjoying and learning with, along the way. Love that!
    Very much enjoyed revisiting your beautiful images from the past months!!


    • Thanks Robyn! As much as I do enjoy doing this to improve my photography, I’m hoping to be able to keep up with it. I have been however struggling to keep up with posting these past couple of weeks with how busy it has been at home so don’t be surprised if I don’t have anything for next month. I will try my hardest as I enjoy doing it, but we’ll see if I have the time. I will be dropping down to 40 hours a week at work from 50 so that should help.

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