It’s been awhile since I’ve made a post. I’ve been rather busy trying to keep afloat so decided to take a break from photography for a bit. I was still getting the camera out from time to time but as you can see from the photo above it is now cracked. It happened a few hours before my brother’s wedding. Funny how these things happen just before it would be nice to have them.

Anyways, thank god I wasn’t shooting the wedding. I’m also lucky enough to have insurance so the damages will be covered. For those wondering, I had my camera on the tripod and was doing some macro shots. I moved a chair and next thing I heard was my camera hitting the patio floor. It hit on the screen side. I’m thinking due to the weight of the lens it helped smash in the front and cracked the body. The auto focus doesn’t work and the grid lines don’t show up anymore.

Currently my camera body is being shipped to a Nikon repair center to get an estimate for the insurance company. Who knows how long I’ll be without it. My camera has had bumps here and there so I thought it would be fine after this fall, but now I know to be a bit extra careful when moving around.

I’ve still got photos to post but not the time. I’m hoping to be posting again within another month or so. Thought I’d drop in to say hi and let you know that I’m still here. Until next time!

17 thoughts on “Update

  1. It’s tough to hit like on something like this but just know we’re thinking about you. Guess I need to look into insurance, too!


    • Yes it is Emilio. The good thing is that I don’t have time for my camera right now. But I was told it could take up to a month or so for it to get fixed so we’ll see how much I miss it as the time passes.


    • I never thought I’d damage my camera like this, but things happen. I’ve only had it for a year. All those times I’ve been around water and rocks and nothing happened. All it took was a bump on the tripod on a patio.


  2. Great to hear from you Justin 😃
    Trust things are going well with the family.
    Good to take a break when you need to, not like this of course.
    Hope the camera can be repaired and back to normal soon.
    Take care.


    • Everything is going good with the family Robyn. Breaks are always nice. I have found that I hate going from winter to spring as I like the winter much more. But photographing new spring life is always fun.

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      • Glad to hear things are well with the family 😃
        Your dear little man must be growing fast.
        Do enjoy the break.. and gosh youre funny – an ice man. Im the other way – love the ice and stories of winter but always look forward to Spring 😄
        Do you have a spare camera?


        • My phone. Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s not DSLR quality but it’s something. I can’t do any of my specialty shots with it though. No macros or close up wide angles or long exposures. So pretty much 90% of what I shoot.

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          • So tricky for you.
            Glad you have something to ‘capture’ with. You might be able to experiment and find another way of doing things. Maybe? Time permitting of course.
            Hope you get your camera back soon Justin!


  3. Cada día las máquinas son mas perfectas, pero mas frágiles, mucho mas que perfectas.
    Una amiga estuvo un año con una reparación de una pequeña caída…
    Suerte con la reparación


    • That is true that with technology things become better but weaker. That’s why you always hear the phrase “They don’t make it like they used to”. Things don’t seem to last as long and break easier but then again we are living in an age where people are constantly upgrading to the latest and greatest before their current model is even worn out.


    • It should be back in about two weeks. It would be nice to get it next week in time for the cherry blossoms where I live but doesn’t look promising. It was estimated at $300 for the repairs and it’s already been approved by my insurance. Should have the money in my account next week.

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