You must be thinking since there are 3 posts this week that I’m back to my normal schedule. I wish! Actually, I was able to schedule the 3 posts with photos I have taken a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately I still don’t have time to keep up with my blog yet, but I’m hoping in a month or two that I will.

For this post I’ll keep with the theme I have going for the week. Sunflowers!


This one was taken with my macro lens. I wasn’t really quite sure what I was going for but I knew I wanted something that would show quite a bit of detail for parts of the flower but have a shallower depth of field. After taking a few different angles this one stood out the most to me. It’s almost like the sunflower has an eye and it’s looking out.

I’m happy that my wife and kids decided to plant some sunflowers this summer as it gave me new subjects to shoot. I’m hoping at our new house that we’ll be planting some next year to do more experimenting. We’ll also be planting a garden and hopefully my wife will plan more flowers. I’ve found that I enjoy photographing these things and experimenting with my flash when possible. I’m looking forward to shooting more sunflower plants while experimenting with water and light.

The Eye

11 thoughts on “The Eye

  1. I think it looks great! But remember if your wife doesn’t plant any new sunflowers or plants at your new house, there is nothing stopping you from doing so! šŸ™‚


    • That is true but I just planted 11 trees and will be creating and tending a 1/4 acre garden so I think I have my hands full. The location of the garden will not be the best place for the sunflowers as there isn’t a good angle to shoot for sunrise or sunset. I may find the time to plant some in the future orchard though. I’m going to plant some cherry trees next year.


      • OK, I’ll let you off the hook. Want to come by our place and plant a few trees? We’re not having much luck with what we have! And then I’ll let you photograph them. šŸ™‚


        • Sure! And while I wait for them to grow I’ll be able to photograph a lot of other things we don’t have in Wisconsin! šŸ™‚

          You know a good way to get a new perspective on something is to bring someone in who is not used to seeing the things you do so they will see things differently. Another way to think about that is that what you may find boring someone else may find interesting. That’s why I like to visit new places because they are different and interesting and help me create new ideas.

          We’ll see how the trees do. It’s my first time giving it a try. I got 10 trees from the arbor day foundation for $15 and one from Menard’s for $15. If you think about it the 10 for $15 seems to be a better deal but those 10 were seedlings while the 1 is 4 feet tall. We’ll see how they do in the spring and through the summer. I’ve prepared them all for success.


          • Thanks Justin, and good luck with the trees. What you say about bringing someone in when you go shooting is basically what I’ve been doing by challenging myself to take shots of every hotel on the strip. Seeing everything as a tourist might. I wanted to finish by the end of the year and have one or two more to shoot. After that I want to finish off with all the usual night shots but it’s difficult to come up with new angles and perspectives.


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