I ended up having some time away from work and decided to make a trip to a set of falls I’ve been wanting to visit for awhile. Now that I live an hour closer to them it makes the trip a little easier and I’m hoping to make another trip to them sometime during the summer. For all of these photos I had on my gear to go walking into the water to get different perspectives. For the colored photo with the reflection I ended up waist deep in the water. I was trying to get closer but it got too deep but I’m glad I was forced to get the photo I did as it allowed to capture the reflection in the foreground.


Bond Falls

4 thoughts on “Bond Falls

    • Thanks Truels! I was actually in the water for all the shots but that last one was the deepest. I didn’t mention that I was wearing wading boots and dry-pants made for kayakers so the price wasn’t as bad as one might think. Those pants really do keep me warm and dry so it was a nice investment. I hope they continue to come in handy over the years so I can get more shots like this without needing to suffer for them. 🙂


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