Once you get your photography to a certain level and you start to like your work more it makes you want to print your work. Printing isn’t too expensive on its own but when you start looking at how you want to display your work you start to explore your options. The most common option is to frame it and hang it, but framing can become expensive, especially if you don’t want to buy the cheap plastic frames. There are so many different frames of all different colors. Then there are mats. The possibilities are endless. Then you sit there thinking there’s too much to think about and push it off thinking you’ll have more time to think about it later. Then later never comes and your work is still not hanging on your wall.

This is exactly why I decided to go simple. Throw out all of the options but one and have no regrets about my decision. That’s when I decided I wanted to build my own frames and keep them simple. I don’t have to pick between 100’s of designs or colors. I limit myself to a few decisions which makes the process much easier. Now the hard part is which photo do I want to frame next?


It would be nice to have more time to make more frames, but there are always other obligations. The good news is that I’ll always have time to do a frame or two every month so even though they aren’t coming in fast, I’ll at least be slowly building my inventory of photos to hang on the wall. I like it this way anyways. It gives me time to think about new ideas and how to do them. As you can see in the photo above, the frame has rounded corners. I was able to do this using my router. I’ve got a few different router bits and plan on trying different things. But it all comes back to keeping it simple so I don’t plan on getting too complex where it’s hard to duplicate in case I would like to make multiple frames the same way.

I also try to make my photos simple too. Including too many subjects in your photo hard to understand not knowing what it’s trying to represent. This photo I took is a good example of that. I knew that I wanted the main focus to be on the sand dollar but not have any major distracting elements in the photo. I’ll admit that the sand dollar wasn’t exactly on the beach when I went to this location, but the sky lacked any clouds for the sunset so I decided to bring it along and use it as a prop to help create a photo that I think turned out nice.

What’s the biggest challenge you have with getting your photos on your wall?


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Go Simple

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