We are now at chapter 3. I hope it doesn’t get too confusing but here you’ll see a new character as the PoV but don’t worry, Rakkel will be back before you know it! For now get to know Brandon!

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Brandon, wake up!” Richard yelled at him. He still did not move. He was fast asleep with some wench, from one of the local inns no less. “Damn you Brandon. Wake up you fool!” This time he kicked him hard in the ribs.

“Curse you for a fool you idiot!” Brandon yelled at him as he bolted up.

“Is something wrong my sweet stable boy?” The wench still lay there as though it were time to break their fast.

“Go to sleep or leave, this is none of your business.” Brandon looked around for his clothes and quickly got dressed. Some lord or knight wanting a horse most like. Curse them all for fools. “Now tell me Richard. What is it you had to wake me up for in the middle of the night?”

“Ser James is taking a sortie out to teach the local farmers to pay their taxes.” Richard turned around and started to head towards the ladder. “And if I were you, I wouldn’t let him catch you with a wench again.”

Brandon quickly followed Richard down the ladder to ready the horses. It was Ser James along with Merim, Kasis, and Argun. They quickly readied the horses when Brandon went to go climb back up the ladder to lie back down to try and get some more sleep before the night was up.

“I would think twice before I climbed that ladder boy.” Ser James said before he even started. “I see you two readied two horses short.”

“But I only see four of you. Whoever they are can ready their own damn horses. I need sleep.” Brandon started to climb the ladder.

“Perhaps if you weren’t up half the night with that damn wench, you’d have your sleep. You should tell the next one you bring in not to make enough noise to wake the castle. Besides, the horses are for you and Richard. So yes, you can ready your own damn horses.” Ser James mounted his horse and his three men followed after. They were out of the stables before Brandon and Richard got to the saddles for their horses.

“A sortie my bloody ass, Richard.” Brandon whispered. “What kind of sortie does he mean to go on by dragging us along with him? I should have never followed you here. All this place has been for me is hell.”

“If you didn’t get caught in bed with the blacksmiths daughter, you wouldn’t be in this hell as you call it in the first place. Besides, no one is stopping you from leaving” Richard said as he heaved the saddle upon his horse.

“How was I supposed to know the bloody bastard would be in there before daybreak?” He had his horse ready and mounted and waited for Richard to do the same.

“If I hadn’t shown up right then, he would have likely gutted you with that spike in his hand. I’m sure that was his intention. You just be happy he believed me when I told him you were with me and knew no better. Besides, how many boys out there at the age of fifteen go whoring around anyhow?” They began to walk their horses outside.

“That was three years past. What I choose to do is none of your business. Like I’ve said before, you let me do what I do, I let you do what you do, and no one will get hurt. And I stay because it’s as honest a living as I can find at the moment. Better than living on the streets at least.”

“Hurry your bloody asses up or I’ll skin your hides raw.” Ser James had a small group of two hundred men standing outside waiting.

And I’m to slave away for every bloody one of them. Burn them all. All I want is to be back in my bed and get some sleep. As soon as Brandon and Richard reached Ser James, they began to move out. They made their way past the castle gate and into the city. Quator was quite a large port city that lay south. Because of their location, it was easy for them to trade goods with other places.

Once they were through the city and outside of its walls, there were another three thousand men waiting. After they arrived to the campsite Brandon and Richard took the horses to the stables.

“I told you this was no sortie.” Brandon said to Richard.

“How was I supposed to know? You know he doesn’t tell me exactly what he means to do all the time.” Richard and Brandon finished up taking the saddles off the horses.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m going to find a place to rest. Wake me when they are ready to move,” said Brandon.

“Just don’t plan on resting too long. They are already taking down the tents. I’m going to find out exactly what they plan to do. At least some of the men here are men that I know.” Richard ran off towards one of the fires with a group of men around it laughing.

Might be I have about two hours yet to sleep. Let’s hope longer. Brandon was searching for a place to rest and noticed that most of the men around the camp were breaking their fast and decided against it. It will be hell to pay if I don’t get something to eat now, he thought as he started walking towards one of the fires that they were cooking something.

“Here comes Brandon the Dick!” said one of the men as he approached.

“And you best remember that too, Surdius” responded Brandon. “Now give me a bowl with something to eat. I don’t care what so long as it’s not horse shit.”

“If you weren’t such a dick to everyone, perhaps you would be worthy of a bowl of something besides horse shit,” said Surdius. The other men laughed.

“If I weren’t such a dick to everyone, perhaps I wouldn’t be so well liked either.” Brandon grabbed the bowl the cook handed to him and sat down to start eating.

“Aye, I give you that one. I don’t see how Ser James ever puts up with you. If I were him I would have skinned you by now. I think it’s past time you show him your skill with the sword. I tell you, you’ll have no problem becoming one of us. You fit in quite well. I’m sure you’re tired of being his stable boy and besides, at least with us you wouldn’t get in trouble for having a wench in your bed from time to time.” Surdius roared out in laughter along with the men and slapped a hand on Brandon’s shoulder.

Surdius was one of the first men that Brandon met when he first started working at the stables for Ser James. He quickly grew to liking his attitude and taught him the sword in private. Ser James never found out and they made sure that he would not know. Due to the circumstances, Ser James wasn’t completely trusting of Brandon. Surdius always brought a sword for Brandon so he could never practice alone, only when Surdius was around.

“The damn fool only threatens. He hasn’t done anything yet. I hear we are out on a sortie to teach the farmer’s how to pay taxes. Since when does it take this many men to teach them?” Brandon asked Surdius.

“That is part of it Brandon. He means to send three hundred out to collect the taxes and the rest of us are to ride on to Ruhano. It is believed that Merim has more men waiting for us there. I’m not sure what it is they plan, but I’ve heard talk about going to Hatesia and something about the princess there.” Surdius got up and started putting out the fire. “It looks like you best be on your way to ready your horses. It seems we may be moving out soon. Two bloody hours before the sun is up. I love my job Brandon. What say you?”

“Oh I bloody well love it alright. Just as much as I love to saddle horses for Ser James and have Richard kick me in the ribs every time Ser James wants his horse readied in the middle of the night.” Brandon quickly cleaned up the rest of the food in his bowl and ran off to the stables to ready the horses.

Richard was already tending to the horses when Brandon showed up. “I found out that we won’t be going on a sortie today.”

“I know I know. I talked to some men that I know. I couldn’t sleep once I found out there was food to be eaten. I found Surdius with some of his men and they told me all about it. What do you think they plan to do in Hatesia?” Brandon readied Ser James horse first, if he seen Brandon’s horse saddled and his unattended to, it would be hell to pay.

“I have not a clue. Best we keep quite before someone sneaks up on us though. Don’t want to be getting in any trouble before we set off.” Richard gave Brandon a stern look then continued at his work.

After the horses were ready, Ser James and the other three men were seen approaching. “At least we didn’t need to wait for our horses to be readied,” he said as they were close enough. “Don’t just stand there and look stupid. Mount up and let us be on our way. We’ll be riding in the front. No need to keep them waiting. I mean to be in Ruhano swiftly.”

As they rode through the camp, most of the men had already doused all the fires and packed away their tents. They were either mounting their horses or getting them ready. Brandon seen that Surdius and his men were already packed and mounted and quickly fell in behind them. This gave Brandon a good feeling to know he would have someone he knew to keep him company close by. It was a ten day ride to Ruhano and wasn’t about to let it be a boring ride.

By the time the sun was up the city was already off in the distance. Every man had a mount and Ser James said there was no reason to waste time by keeping the horses at a walk. They could replace any horse that was not able to continue when they arrived in Ruhano.

By the talk of it, Merim, or Ser Merim, which hardly anyone had the courtesy to name him so, had another eight thousand men waiting for him. Although, there were only two thousand mounted so after they arrived at Ruhano, it would be a slower journey to Hatesia.

Merim happened to attain his knighthood by accident, so many say. It seemed only his men and other knights acknowledge him as a knight. He was to stop an invasion and couldn’t read the map right and ended up accidentally finding his enemy in the wrong place and slew him there. Brandon often treated him as another soldier that he did not care for, which often put Ser James in a foul mood towards him.

Midday seemed to take a while to get there and when it did, they ate salted meat and stale bread in their saddles. This was going to be a long trip, but Brandon was used to riding horses. Ser James would take him out when they went hunting and sometimes let him shoot the bow. Although he wasn’t as good with the bow as he was with the sword, he had at least killed something with the bow, even if it had been only a few rabbits.

His attitude often times got him into trouble. Sometimes Richard would try to get Brandon to change the way he was, but no matter how often he tried, nothing ever seemed to change. Richard seemed like the better one, always doing what he’s told without question and never talking back to his master, but no matter which way you look at it, Brandon always came out with more friends.

“How old are you now boy?” Merim asked him as they were riding through the countryside.

“It is no more your business of my age than how many whores you slept with in my town,” Brandon spat on the ground towards Merim.

Merim ignored the insult and continued on. “Five and one half feet tall and by the looks of your face, I’d say you have at least seventeen or eighteen years on you. Why do you still page and haven’t taken the sword yet?”

“Perhaps I love my job. Besides, I’m not a page, more like a slave. What is it you care about me being a swordsman anyhow?” Wish he’d just leave me be, Brandon thought as they rode on.

“It’s just a question. Ser James already has Richard as a squire. No need for two. And besides, you’re too old to be a ‘slave’ as you call it anymore. These are bad times and we need more men. Always better to have one more on your side. If you left Ser James of his services and joined mine, I could teach you how to use a sword and pay you better besides. What say you boy?” Merim looked over at him and waited for an answer.

Brandon thought for a while before he said anything. “I’m not to be bought, traded, or sold like I’m some slave. I came to this job freely and I’m free to choose my own path. You best be off with these offers and your questions before I tell Ser James your trying to buy off his men. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled with that. And as for the offer, how about you pay me for some shit for that’s all you’ll get from me. They don’t call me Brandon the Dick for nothing and you best remember that.” When he was done he laughed at the sneer on Merim’s face.

“If that’s how you want it, then so be it. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’d want a dick in my army anyhow.” Merim rode off before Brandon could say another word.

A few days passed since Merim had last spoken to Brandon and seemed to even do his best to avoid him. When they made camp and before they left, Brandon would often find Surdius and spend his time with him and his men. The more he was around them the more he wanted to leave Ser James and join Surdius and his men as a swordsman and ride alongside them.

On the fifth night from Quator, Brandon was fast asleep in his tent. Someone screamed and it woke him up. A few seconds later he heard someone enter his tent. “Who goes there? Richard, is that you?” Brandon asked as he looked around.

It was too dark to see anything so Brandon wasn’t sure who it was. He felt around for the lantern and seen two red eyes glowing in the darkness. It wasn’t someone in the tent, it was something. He found the lantern and quickly lit it to find a wolf staring at him. At least it looked somewhat like a wolf.

It was at least twice the size of a wolf and had fur that was black as night. Before he had any words out of his mouth, the giant wolf had jumped on him and pinned him down. Bloody thing thinks it’s going to kill me, Brandon thought as he tried to get it off him. The wolf was too heavy for him to move it and growled at him when he grabbed its legs. As the wolf began to go towards his throat, Brandon tried to twist his body and move his head and neck far enough so the wolf couldn’t do any harm. It hadn’t worked quite as well as he had wished, but before the wolf was able to sink his teeth into his flesh, the wolf suddenly dropped dead on top of him.

He looked up and seen Surdius standing at his feet with a bloody sword in his hands. There was too much blood on it from just this one wolf. With one look at Surdius, Brandon knew that they were being attacked by these giant wolves and it’d be better for him to be dressed and on his feet than in his bed.

“What was that thing?” Brandon asked as he started getting dressed.

“People are calling them beasts from the depths of hell come to kill us all. I just think they are beasts.” Surdius glanced over his shoulder to see if Brandon was almost ready to help kill them while standing guard at the door of the tent to make sure no more tried to come in to finish off what the first one failed at doing.

Brandon had finished getting dressed and had a sword in hand. “Then beasts they are. Let’s get rid of them before they do the same to us.”

Upon exiting the tent there were three beasts headed straight towards them. Surdius waited until the first beast was jumping towards him then quickly moved to the side and brought his sword down hard and fast. When the beast hit the ground its head rolled away. Brandon noticed that the eyes were still glowing and did not have a good feeling about that.

Not too far away Brandon heard a man screaming. He looked towards the noise and seen a beast standing in front of the man growling and snarling. The beast had a sword in its side but still attacked as though it was not injured. The man did not stand a chance. His throat was ripped out in seconds and his lifeless body fell to the ground.

The beast then looked at Brandon and started running straight for him. Brandon tried to stay calm and prepared himself for the attack. He quickly looked for Surdius and seen that he was finishing off the third beast that was attacking them when they exited the tent. When he looked back to the beast it was almost on him. He waited for the beast to jump at him. Once the beast was in the air Brandon quickly went down to his knee and brought his sword up hard into the bottom of the beasts jaw slicing all the way through its skull and pushed away causing the beast to flip over as it hit the ground. This was his first kill and it felt exhilarating.

“Looks like you are able to keep your own” said Surdius. “Now let’s finish them off.”

Brandon felt a new sense of alertness. Each beast that went against him did not stand a chance. He felt as one with the sword as he planned each attack carefully watching how the beasts were going to attack. All of his training had prepared him well for this battle. Brandon brought down beast after beast. Time did not seem to matter for all that mattered was that no beast had injured him and died instead.

The battle against the beasts seemed to end as soon as it began. Brandon was looking around and saw what seemed like thousands of beasts lying dead all around the camp. He noticed someone walking towards him and looked to see who it was. Ser James looked at him then at the sword he held in his hand. Brandon quickly dropped the sword and started to back away. James did not look very happy at the moment.

“Since when do you know how to use a sword” James said as he approached Brandon. “Stable boys do not fight with swords but tend to horses.”

“He learned it from me.” Surdius moved to stand next to Brandon to stop James from doing something rash.

“I could use another good soldier now that I’ve lost some from these beasts” James said as he looked around. “Looks like about two hundred have fallen to them. Surdius. Look after Brandon. You are now in charge of him. I’ll let Richard know that you’ll no longer be assisting him. It’s now time to tend to the injured and bury the dead.”


…End of Chapter 2



For those of you who have been waiting patiently, here is chapter 1. Just a warning, it is a bit of a read so if you don’t have much time at the moment then I would bookmark it and read it later, or just read it in bits as you can. And if anyone sees anything misspelled or any grammatical errors, let me know. I’ll be happy to fix them. Thanks!

This story is written with only adults in mind. While not all chapters will contain content that is not suitable for children I strongly advise to be careful when reading this. This should go without saying but any and all writings on this blog are under copyright by law and belong to only to me. No one has any permission to copy or distribute the text on this belong without my sole permission. You do however have my permission to reblog this if you want. All characters in this story are fictional and do not portray anyone. The table of contents will be listed before each post in case you want to go back to a previous chapter. The end of the chapter will be updated with a link to the next chapter when it is posted

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 1

The breeze floated through the branches on the trees and the clouds slowly made their way across the sky. The sun was nearly all the way down. The countryside was beautiful this time of year. Winter was past and spring was beginning to show. Birds were singing their songs and rabbits sniffing the air. Over the past few years it seemed as though the wildlife had been declining.

The sound of a hammer hitting an anvil off in the distance told the story of a man that was shaping a shoe for a farmer’s horse. The sound of a sign creaking in the wind told the story of a woman that owned an inn. The sound of the wheels of a wagon slowly creeping their way down a road told the story of a merchant just traveling through. But the sound of a boy running along a path taken many times from the woods to his house, told a far better story than those other sounds.

“Father! Father! I finally caught something!” Rakkel yelled as he came running into the house. He slung the rope from over his shoulder onto the table. It carried three rabbits this time. Not much, but at least I didn’t come home empty handed like usual, he thought as he put the rabbits on the table for his father to see. Months had gone by where all he had in his traps were nothing. It had been three months since his last catch. Damn bastards are getting smart to avoid my traps.

“Let me see them”, said his father, Jaiss. He examined them and smiled at his son. “Well boy, you have learned well. These will make a fine meal tonight. Go and get your sister and tell her that dinner will be ready in an hour.”

“Yes father.” Rakkel ran to where he normally found his sister, talking with her friends down by the river.

Rakkel just reached his fifteenth name day a few months past. He was very tall at six feet and strong for his age. Although he didn’t understand it, he was ok with the way he was. He had black hair that went to his shoulders and blue eyes that were nothing like anyone had ever seen before that seemed to glow in the dark at times. He loved his small village. The smell of fresh country air, the sound of the river running ever so gently through the land and the sounds of animals throughout the village were far better than what he had heard of the cities. There was always a great feeling of being alone that seemed better than being around a lot of strangers.

As he approached the river he stopped short, far enough where he couldn’t be seen. He was staring at Belrisa Calaeish. She was so beautiful and he hoped to marry her someday. She was soon to reach her fifteenth name day. She had light brown hair that fell just below her shoulders, light blue eyes that looked just right when the sun was shining off them. She stood four inches and five feet tall, the tallest among her friends. She never acted like she liked him the same way that he liked her, although he knew that it would be possible. She always hinted at it by doing small things. She smiled at him during small village parties and such. He dreamed of the day that she would acknowledge him further and let him know her true feelings for him.

Rakkel continued to walk down to the river slowly trying to be quiet so he could try to hear what they were talking about. As he stepped on a twig, one of the girls looked over towards him and they all went silent. “And what do you want?” demanded Assosia. She was a few years older than Rakkel. She had a temper like no other, and a face that went along with it. Her nose was broken from falling out of a tree, so it was said. Everyone said that it must have come from a fight with a horse, though she never admitted to that. He did not know why the others even wanted to be her friend. Perhaps she was different around them than she was around everyone else.

“Chandara, father said that dinner will be done within the hour if you care to eat.” Rakkel said, trying not to think about Assosia’s anger at him for interrupting their conversation. “We are going to have rabbit and some stew.”

“I’ll be home shortly then,” replied Chandara. Chandara was Rakkel’s sister. She was a very nice girl and she had many friends. She was seventeen and stood at a height of only two inches and five feet. Her reddish blonde hair ran to the middle of her back just like her mother and had green eyes that everyone loved. She always liked to eat as well, which showed from her plump belly that never seemed to go down. Rakkel was always looking out for her. He would be devastated if anything happened to her; maybe not as much if anything happened to Belrisa, but Chandara was family and he wasn’t about to let anything happen to his family if he could help it.

Rakkel turned to Belrisa before he took off. “I guess that you will be attending the spring festival this weekend?”

Belrisa looked up at him and smiled that sweet smile of hers. “Yes I will be. Maybe I might have someone to dance with this year that doesn’t trip over his feet.” The other girls giggled and she just sat there looking at him with that smile.

He knew Assosia had something to say, she always said some rude comment to everything he said. Just let her keep her thoughts to herself today, Rakkel thought for an instant. Before she had anything out of her mouth Rakkel spoke. “I’ll be looking forward to it. I’ll just let you know I’ve been practicing,” Rakkel lied. He smiled at her and seen out of the corner of his eye that Assosia was starting to open her mouth and took off before she had anything out. I hope she chokes on it.

Before going back home, Rakkel decided to make a stop at Nesam’s house. Nesam Jh’televen was a friend of Rakkel. They have been friends for as long as he could remember. He was of an age of sixteen and a height of six inches and five feet. He had short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was very thin and always looked as though he never ate. By comparison to Rakkel, you would think he was weak, but his strength was almost the same. Working on the farm always did that to someone.

Nesam was different than Rakkel though. He was always getting into trouble for one thing or another. Rakkel always seemed to be dragged into these schemes and ideas that went through Nesam’s head. For all the trouble they had gotten into, Nesam has always been beside him taking as much of the blame as possible. Everyone knew Nesam as the troublemaker. If it wasn’t for Nesam, Rakkel wouldn’t get into as much trouble as he seemed to get in, always going on adventures that seemed dangerous and strange. Rakkel was always helping him when the times came.

Rakkel slowed to a walk to enjoy the surroundings. He sometimes liked to take a look around the village to take in all of its beauties. He thought that it was the perfect village to live in. There weren’t too many people here like in the cities, although he would like to visit the cities one day, with all the shops, the big houses and manors, the huge inns, and not to forget, the noble houses and the castles. He’s only just seen pictures and read about them. Every once and awhile he’ll get word from travelers or merchants that pass through. That wasn’t enough for him. His parents always said that it was too dangerous out there for him. That he might get hurt or worse. Knowing Nesam though, he figured that it’d be him that would drag both of them out of this village on some wild adventure. One day he would be the one to tell these stories that he always heard; him and Nesam.

He looked down at the forest that surrounded the mountains. Sometimes he felt more at home when he was out there setting his traps than he did in his village. There was something about being surrounded by the wilderness and trees that made him feel free. The sound of the river and birds and the sight of the animals made him feel more at ease than the sound of the blacksmith shop and people moving through the streets doing their daily work.

“Stop daydreaming and help me with this.” Nesam was dragging what looked like a strange wolf by a rope tied to its hind legs.

Something felt strange in the pit of Rakkel’s stomach about seeing this dead wolf, as though suddenly he felt like he wanted to vomit. This is not the time to be sick, Rakkel thought as he approached Nesam. “What is that?” Rakkel questioned. He looked at it with a worried look on his face wondering what Nesam was doing with such a thing.

“It’s a beast,” Nesam said calmly. How could he say it so calm? The thing could have killed him! “It was trying to kill my father’s sheep so I had to get it before it got them.” Nesam smiled at Rakkel. “What do you want to do with it?”

“Get rid of it!” Rakkel yelled. “How did you even get to it without it attacking you first?”

Nesam smiled at Rakkel and talked in a low voice. “I snuck up on him silently so he couldn’t hear me.” Then Nesam’s voice started getting louder. “Then I jumped on him before he realized I was there and suffocated him. It was quite a fight but in the end, well, you see who won,” Nesam finished with a laugh as he kept dragging the beast. He was always taking chances. He didn’t seem to be afraid of anything.

As they were pulling this beast up towards Nesam’s house, they threw it behind the shed in the back yard and it landed with a loud thump. “There, that should be good enough for now.” Nesam was looking towards the house. Who knows what was in his mind for what he was going to do with the beast later.

I would take the thing and throw it in the river. Trying to get Nesam to change his mind was as hard as convincing a cow that it wasn’t a cow. It was something that not very many people had a great skill at doing.

Nesam turned around and looked at Rakkel with a grin. Rakkel immediately knew this was trouble. Whenever Nesam looked at him like this, he knew that Nesam was up to something. Rakkel had no idea what crazy adventure Nesam was thinking of at the moment. Whatever it was, Rakkel was sure that it would lead to no good.

“You know Rakkel, I was thinking about those mountains that are deep in the woods.”

“No!” Rakkel yelled without hesitation. I like to be in the woods, but sometimes those mountains just scare me. He wasn’t about to let Nesam know that though. “This time I mean it Nesam. We are not going to go into those mountains. We have no idea what is even in there! What if we get caught? We’d be in serious, just no Nesam, and I mean it this time.”

“Come on Rakkel. What about those times we’ve talked about what we might find in those mountains?” Rakkel and Nesam would sit down in the fields sometimes and just dream about going on an adventure into the mountains. They would always dream about finding great things and coming back heroes. Rakkel would just dream about it and leave it at that. He didn’t want to make it a reality. After seeing Nesam with that beast he was wondering if there were more of them in there, deeper in the woods. He couldn’t imagine what was hiding in those woods either. He didn’t even want to think about it. “Maybe there is gold or something. We wouldn’t have to stay here anymore! We could go anywhere we wanted to. Just think about it Rakkel, there’d be enough gold to split between us and buy our way out of this stupid village.”

“This village is not stupid!” Rakkel cut in. He didn’t want to leave this village for years yet. He wanted to but he knew that this wasn’t the right time yet. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew, he just knew that somehow Nesam would bully his way through and get Rakkel to go with him. This time he was going to try to hold it off as long as possible, and hopefully it wouldn’t happen. “We have plenty of things here. We have it made here Nesam! Just think about it. There’s the river and the fields. You hear what those merchants have to say about the cities. About all those beggars and how dirty the cities are.” It was true. The merchants would always talk about how beggars would come up to their wagons and beg for goods. They would also say that the streets were horrible. The shops looked like they haven’t been cleaned in ages. Rakkel wasn’t ready to leave this place quite yet. He knew that he just wanted to live a peaceful life until he was ready to do a little traveling. And right now he just didn’t feel like doing any traveling.

“That’s only certain parts of the cities Rakkel. Remember all the marvelous stories they tell about the noble’s houses and the castles and the big inns! We could visit those places. Never mind the cities. You just have to think about it. It’ll only be a couple of days and that’s it.” A couple of days always turned out to be twice as long and Rakkel knew that he would not be on good terms with his father if he was to be gone for too long on some adventure that was probably not worth it.

Burn you and your bloody gold. Go alone and be done with it. I just want to stay here and dance with Belrisa at the festival. That’s what he was thinking and that’s what he wanted to say. Nesam would not listen to him no matter though. “With that beast you were dragging when I arrived, there might be more out there. I’m not ready to die and I’m sure that you’re not ready either. Let’s wait until we know that it’s safe,” Rakkel said with a worried look on his face. He seen Nesam’s face turn worried for a second then back to serious again. At least he thought he did. Rakkel was sure that this time he had won. He was sure that he did.

“I’ve killed one already. They aren’t as tough as they seem.” Nesam said in his defense.

“What would you do if a hundred surrounded you? You surely can’t sneak up on them then, can you?” I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried. Rakkel already knew that he had wasted enough time on this conversation and should be headed home, but right now he felt as though he were winning a battle.

“Maybe you’re right and maybe you’re not. You are right about me not ready to die yet though. The festival is coming soon. We’ll have time to think about it between now and then. If we go, it’ll be after. Just think about it. You’re good in the woods and you seem to see everything. With me and you, we’ll be safe. Trust me.”

Damn him and his words, Rakkel thought as he tried to think of something to say. Just as he was about to say something, he heard Nesam’s mother yelling for him.

“Well, will you just think about it at least? I have to go eat now or they won’t even let me have the scraps. You know how it is. I’ll see you tomorrow if you care to drop by.” With this said Nesam and Rakkel said their goodbyes and both turned their own ways.

As Rakkel was headed home, he noticed that it wasn’t near as late as he thought it was. He had a bit of time to spare before supper would be ready. He decided he would head down to the river to see if Belrisa was there. He would sometimes see her sitting on the bank by herself watching the water run by. I wonder what she thinks about when she’s sitting there. Perhaps today he could muster up enough courage to ask her.

As he approached the river there was no one in sight. There was one tree that stood at this part of the river alone. He often times thought about that tree and how it seemed to resemble him. He always felt as though he did not belong here and he belonged elsewhere. Perhaps the tree felt like it did not belong with other trees as well.

Dirt turned into sand beneath his feet as he made his way to the river bank. He looked at the other side wondering if he would ever walk there. It was a large river and spanned at least a quarter of a mile at this section. As he was looking at the other side of the bank, his eyes made their way up towards the trees then farther up towards the mountains. He has always felt something strange about those mountains, but wasn’t quite sure what it was.

Just as he was deep in thought Belrisa startled him. “What are you thinking about?” He already knew it was her when she started speaking. He didn’t even need to look to see it was her.

“I was looking at the mountains. Don’t you ever wonder why the snow never melts at the top?” He couldn’t think of what he wanted to say to her. “What did you come back here for?”

“I forgot my hat by the tree. I thought that if I didn’t come back for it, then someone else would take it.” He knew she had lied because there was no hat lying on the ground when he had arrived.

He glanced back at her and noticed she was holding it in her hands. “I see that you have found it.”

“I find it often that I see you sitting here thinking when something is wrong. What has Nesam brought you into doing this time?”

I wish she wouldn’t do that. Rakkel thought to himself. She always knew when something was up. I think it’s about time to find another spot to do my thinking. “Nothing that he will win at. He’s been trying to get me to travel to those mountains for years. Now he’s more adamant about it than anything. On top of that he killed some sort of strange wolf today. The thing was hideous. Its fur was black as night and its eyes seemed to be glowing light green, even after it was dead.” That was one thing Rakkel never brought up to Nesam.

“Your eyes seem to glow blue when I look at them. I don’t find anything hideous about that. The world is changing.” Something about that made him feel strange. He never had any problems seeing at night and Nesam used to always say something about his eyes before he was used to them. “I hope your right about your dancing. I’m looking forward to it.” Belrisa was already walking away when Rakkel turned around.

I guess it is past time to return home for supper. Rakkel got up and began walking home. On his way home he took his time to enjoy being alone. He thought a little about the mountains although he knew he didn’t want to go. One day he would go on a long adventure alone. He was looking forward to that day. Sometimes he would think about it. His skill to hunt was always getting better and as long as there was wildlife, he would always have something to eat. He never imagined going on an adventure to the cities though. He always thought of going somewhere far away, away from all the people to live by himself with nothing but the animals and the trees.

As Rakkel walked through the door he smelled the food right away. He was glad that it was almost time to eat. His stomach was feeling empty and he needed something in it. The rabbit would taste wonderful after months of eating salted beef, bread, cheese, and stew with almost no taste.

“Rakkel, is that you?” His mother, Lydra, was setting the table like usual for dinner. “You need to go wash up and get ready for dinner. It’ll be ready in a few minutes”

“Yes mother.” Rakkel hurried to go wash up and came into the kitchen. Everyone else was waiting for him.

“Did you go over to Nesam’s house?” His father asked him.

“Yeah, he killed a wolf that tried to kill his father’s sheep,” Rakkel said. More like a beast. He thought but wouldn’t dare say anything. His father wouldn’t let him go over there anymore with some strange creatures lurking about.

“It’s a good thing he got the wolf and didn’t get hurt himself. I find it strange for a wolf to be so close to the town. You be careful when you’re over there. The last thing I need is to have you come home without a limb or a heartbeat.” After that was said, everyone ate in silence and finished up the food.

“Remember that it’s almost spring now. The fields need to be plowed and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done tomorrow to get ready.” His father said as he was helping clear off the table.

“Can it wait till after the festival though? Please?” Rakkel begged.

“If you promise that it’ll get done I guess it can wait. Just don’t forget about it though. You know if everything doesn’t get done on time then the crops aren’t ready by the time it starts to get cold.” He always made sure everything was planted at the right time so they would have food for the winter.

That night as he went to bed, it was hard to get to sleep. Once he was asleep though, he wished he would have stayed awake.  He dreamed of those beasts attacking his town. He tried to wake up, but couldn’t do it. He was standing in front of his house as the beasts came charging in by what seemed like the thousands. They were killing everyone. Once they reached his house they ran right past him like he wasn’t even there. He wanted to run into his house to warn his family, but he couldn’t move.

After all the beasts were gone he was walking towards the forest below the mountains. He didn’t want to go. It seemed as though something was making him go. He had no control over his body. His way through the forest seemed to go fast and the mountains were on him before he knew it.

When he arrived to the base of the mountains, he took a left turn where the path had a fork in it and went along a winding path. At the end of the path there was a cave. Inside the cave there stood a beast. All he could see of the beast was its eyes. They were glowing bright blue in the darkness of the cave. Out from behind the beast farther inside the cave a bright light shown through the darkness. Save us. Save us. Save us. Rakkel heard in his mind. He looked around wondering what was going on. Nothing made sense to him. The light was getting closer.

Save us or you shall DIE! The voice boomed in his head. You shall die with the rest of us. DIE! DIE! DIE! Was the voice coming from the beast? Rakkel wasn’t sure. The light was getting closer. He looked behind him but the path was gone. Nothing but a wall was there now, a solid rock wall.

Wake up! He told himself, but nothing happened. He pinched himself and felt pain as though he were awake.

But you are awake, came the voice again. The light was getting closer.

“Who are you and what do you want with me?” Rakkel asked in frustration. The light was getting closer.

You must help us now or we will all die. DIE! DIE! DIE! The voice boomed in his head. The light was getting closer.

I’m not ready to die and I’m not helping anyone! Rakkel screamed in his mind. The light was getting closer.

Then if that is your answer, you shall DIE! Before that last word left his mind, the beast was already in the air lunging towards his throat. The light was consuming the darkness…

…and Rakkel woke up in a sweat as he looked around his room terrified. Straight ahead on the wall where a mirror hung, two blue eyes glowed brightly staring at him. DIE! DIE! DIE! boomed the voice in his head.


Chapter 2

Rise of the Beasts – Prologue

For those of you who are confused as to why there is no photo for this post, here’s the reason. I’ve decided instead of creating a new blog to keep up, and because I also want to share this story with others, that I’d just post it on here. I may incorporate photos with the story as it progresses or I might just post it bit by bit.

A bit earlier than planned but after reading what I had already done, I didn’t think anything needed to be done. This is probably the 3rd or 4th draft to the prologue of the story. I read my initial one and was a bit disappointed until I read this and was much happier. I know everyone has a different taste in what they like to read so a warning for those of you who aren’t much into fictional stories with fictional beings. I know it’s probably not as good as George R.R. Martin or Brandon Sanderson, but it is better that some other books I have read. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! Thanks!

This story is written with only adults in mind. While not all chapters will contain content that is not suitable for children I strongly advise to be careful when reading this. This should go without saying but any and all writings on this blog are under copyright by law and belong to only to me. No one has any permission to copy or distribute the text on this belong without my sole permission. You do however have my permission to reblog this if you want. All characters in this story are fictional and do not portray anyone.

Now for the start of the story:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1


As the beast stood on the hill he howled into the night with his brothers and sisters. The moon glistened off the edge of the blood stained blade that he held in his hand. Sweat with determination rolled down his face as he thought of the fate that was near. He should have never done what he had done, thought the beast. Now he must pay. All he could feel in his heart was pain and hatred. Pain that filled him deeper than anything he had ever felt in his life. His hand tightened around the handle of the blade, the blade that would avenge his pain. No one could stop him, for he was destined to do what he wanted to tonight no matter what was in his way.

“Tonight is the night that we must fight to the death,” the beast said to his siblings. “We must avenge everything they have caused us.” He did not speak with words, but with images and feelings in his mind that went through all the minds of his brother’s and sister’s.

Of the beasts, he was the only one that could stand on two legs. He felt as an equal even though they looked at him as a king. The females fought alongside the males as though there was no difference between them. For an instant he stood there looking at the moon. He glimpsed his past and soon they were off. His feet were pounding against the grass and dirt. Wind was blowing through his hair. Hundreds of thousands of beasts were to the left and right of him as well as behind him. He finally felt the thrill of what it was like to lead an army to battle.

He wasn’t always like this. There was once a time that he wasn’t a beast at all. He was once a gentle man. He grew up with no sign of becoming the beast he was. No one could exactly tell how this came or why such a thing would even happen. Though the thought was there deep within everyone’s mind, no one could explain exactly how everything happened.

Now we’ll go back to where it all started, where the story began. On this day, there was a new life with the birth of a baby boy. This new life would bring change to this world. Deep in the valley, on the outskirts of the Banacian Forest, in a small village by the name of Belasia, in the Nation of Laditha, a baby boy was born and given the name of Rakkel Ch’terin. He was named after his great grandfather who looked identical to him when he was born. Some say he was a strange child, one that should have never been born. Many believed that this day was a bad day, a very bad day indeed, for he is the one that will change many lives, including his own. His parents did not believe so. In fact, they were quite happy that they had a baby boy now.

The parents made a trip to the wizard, Haraith Jh’tulishul, who lived in the Mountains of Etalier to the east of the village. Everyone always visited the wizard when they had a baby. He always knew what was to become of the people when they were born; whether they would be famous, or if they would live a boring life, or if they would die early or live long. They made the journey through the forest, deeper and deeper until they made it to the mountains. When they finally made it to the wizard they asked him what he thought of their child.

“He is destined to become something great,” Haraith said, “and something evil!” He wasn’t really sure what to think. So many things were brought to his mind when he laid his hands on this child. Some visions were battles of dragons and giant wolves with fur blacker than the darkest night and eyes that glowed many hues of red and yellow. The vision that scared him the most was the one with a man that looked almost like one of the wolves, but his eyes were glowing blue. “I fear that he will live a short life. Not too short, but shorter than what you would hope for,” the wizard finished. He would not say any more no matter how much the parents questioned him.

The parents didn’t know what to think. They wondered if they brought him up carefully then the wizard would be wrong and their child would never turn out to be something evil. What could he be that was evil? Of course they never told anyone about this. No one ever mentioned what the wizard said. It was always kept a secret among the parents of the child. For if anyone ever found out then they would want to be rid of this child.

Over the years they kept it a secret and told no one. They watched him grow waiting to see what would happen. They waited to see what he would be that would make him great, but dreaded the day that he would be something that was evil. Nothing in him led them to believe that he would be evil one day. They thought the wizard lied, that he didn’t know the truth. All they could do was hope. Hope that the day that he was to turn evil would never come.

The town that this child grew up in was a small village of sorts. It has gone unnoticed for many centuries. Mainly because of its location, not many people wanted to travel in those parts. To the west lay the prosperous town of Kalak and the port town of Eltzin. The Shaia Ocean ran along the coast to the west of the towns and brought many goods to them. No one in Belasia really knew what was to the east of the Mountains of Etalier. They only heard stories from the peddlers and merchants that went through. One day the boy from Belasia would venture out and find out what was beyond these mountains. Many people will remember that day; that day will be the beginning of a new adventure that will become a great legend. Or an evil one, whichever way a person may look at it.

To the east of Belasia lay the capitol of the Nation of Laditha, Hatesia. This is the biggest city in the nation. It also holds the largest dragon army. There were a few other dragon armies in some of the other cities. Quator, Lisadar, and Aljan are the only other cities that hold dragon armies. Small as those armies are, no one wanted to fight against dragons unless need be. Their fierce strong claws could rip a man into shreds with or without armor and the fire that came from within their stomachs were said to burn hot enough to melt the steel right into a man’s flesh.

To the north of Belasia lay the Khawan Mountains. These mountains spread across the land from the Shaia Ocean to the Sundim Ocean which lay to the far east of the lands. There is a pass in the middle of the Khawan Mountains where one could cross over from the Nation of Laditha to the Nation of Surutem. Not many people were willing to make this pass, for the Nation of Surutem was forever covered in winter snow that never melted. It is said no one returned once they crossed through the pass. Because of the harsh cold, or some vile creatures that lived beyond those mountains, no one was really sure.

There are many other nations and many islands that are spread throughout the world. All the other nations and islands have many stories to tell. The nation of Surutem and the Nation of Laditha may not have as important of a story to tell as other nations might, but this is the story that will be told, for it is a story that will change the lives of many people.


Chapter 1


That’s it for the end of the prologue. In MS Word it is about 2.5 pages long. The length of my chapters are about 5-8 pages long so they are a bit of reading. What I think I’ll do then is if enough people like it and want it to continue then I’ll post a couple pages a week or split a chapter to post throughout the month. Then this should give me some motivation to continue writing more of the story if people want to know what happens. I won’t give away any spoilers but I may post a little back story or some detail about the characters here and there.