A lot has happened for me over the past year for my photography hobby. I made the jump from a crop sensor camera to a full frame. I learned a lot from looking at other’s photos and experimenting of my own. I have changed quite a bit in my photographic journey and my artistic vision has grown much more than I was expecting. I have looked at posts from others that have recapped the year and some even included their top X photos of the year. For me it is so difficult to pin down one favorite or get it down to even 10 but I have included a gallery of photos that I would consider my top 50 for the year for various reasons. I wish I had more time to put together a better post with some explanation for my reasoning behind some of these photos, but work has been draining me and I must keep up with that. Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck in 2015 and look forward to new photos to come!


A Look at 2014

20 thoughts on “A Look at 2014

  1. Every single photograph is stunning. I kept finding a new favourite as I scrolled down the post. I cannot choose a favourite as they are all superb. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!


    • Thanks Shannon! This last year I have been searching for what inspires me most about photography and I think I have found that. I tend to be drawn to either what is considered wide angle macro photography, shallow DoF photography, and long exposure photography. What I plan on doing this year is expanding my knowledge within these types of photography and experimenting to see what I can come up with to combine different techniques together. I’ve already invested in a pair of wading boots and will soon be getting some dry pants and will be using these to be able to get to better vantage points when dealing with water. I’ll also be looking at investing in other tools to help more with the types of photography I like to do. I’m also looking forward to visiting different sets of waterfalls over the summer and hopefully finding new places to shoot throughout the year. Creativity and uniqueness are things that I will try to focus on the most to try and create more photographic art.


        • I found a pair of Kokatat Hydrus 3L Tempest Pants with Socks for $180 and they are used for kayaking. Lighter and made out of a breathable material. A bit different than waders. I think they will work out nice based on their reviews. I think they will be a great investment because I can also use them in rain and snow as well to keep me dry. It’d feel strange walking around in waders when there’s no water around.


  2. Nice collection Justin! I can see your growth too. Something we have in common is I just jumped to a full frame camera as well. I’m on a D750 now. I’ve only take some pics with it but this weekend I’m going out for more.


    • Thanks Laura! I seen that you now have the D750 and the 14-24mm lens! I would love to have the 14-24mm lens but since you can’t use filters with it I’m not even sure how much use I’d get out of it compared to my other lenses. For now I can’t justify the price and think if I want a 14mm lens I’d go with the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 lens. It’s got some decent reviews and it’s much much cheaper at a little over $300. Full frame is great, isn’t it? The only disadvantage I would say full frame has though is on the telephoto end where you don’t get that extra reach. But I mostly shoot wide or macro so I like the full frame more than the crop sensor. I got the 20mm f/1.8 a few weeks ago too. I haven’t been able to get out with it yet so I’m really itchin to. I was going to this weekend but decided to catch up on The Walking Dead since they were having a marathon. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get out with it though.

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      • The walking dead lol! My husband loves that show. And yes I adore my new camera and lens. That lens rocks! I don’t filters too much and there are filters but they are hideously expensive. I need to get out again and get some more architecture…I really like it. I’ve heard that 20mm lens is great. Prime is always good!


    • Thanks Cybele! I wish I could kick off the new year with more outings but things aren’t looking too bright for that. I’ve been busier with work and things at home and we are expecting a little one in a couple more months so we’ve been getting ready for that. After having 2 girls then now a boy we aren’t really completely prepared as a lot of the clothes are not gender neutral and we’ve only got 2 bedrooms for 3 kids and one of them is in school so they get up early. Need to decide if we want the 2 girls to share a room and one getting up too early or have the youngest girl and baby share a room and hope the baby sleeps in? In any case I do have plans for my photography for the next year and hope I can find the time to get out and keep experimenting. I’ve got some learning posts I want to put together as well. Keeping up with other blogs has been a real challenge but I try to keep up the best I can. Each year moving forward has been better than the last so I hope this year is no exception. All the best to you as well as we move forward with another year in our lives!

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